How To Choose The Best Roof For Your House

Your home’s roofing is the primary line of defense of the entire household against the elements. It’s also the property’s crowning glory. Routine maintenance is essential if you want to preserve the character and safety of your home. If you ever notice huge problems with your roofing, you may have to replace it. roofing Glendale replacement is an extensive and expensive job, making it a task best left to experts. Uninformed contractor and purchasing choices will compromise the roof’s structural integrity. In order for you to hire a competent service provider and get your money’s worth, you should consider the following factors: Style Glendale roofers contributes the same aesthetic value as the doors, siding, and lawn. So, take your time when choosing the color and the roofing materials that complement your home and your neighborhood’s architectural style. The roofline is among the first things that you see in a property….

Kitchen Guides

Kitchen of the Week: Warm, Cozy and Autumn-Inspired

Houzz consumer Ricki Vaughn of Decatur, Ill. always had a good idea of what her dream kitchen could look like — and before her remodel, the original kitchen just was not cutting it. The space was small, with hardly any cabinets and small counter space, making cooking and cleanup hard. The rustic landscape enclosing Vaughn’s home motivated a new kitchen palette predicated mostly on golden browns and grays found in nature. Warm hickory cabinetry was custom created, and an unpolished slate backsplash was installed on each wall. Vaughn also made certain that her kitchen needed just as much storage and prep area as possible. “It was like Christmas every day to see the shift in the kitchen,” she states. “I don’t even mind cooking today!” With the support of her builder, Craig Parker of KLC Remodeling, Vaughn tripled her cabinet and counter area. Customized cabinets house a pantry, trash drawers,…

Gardening and Landscaping

Garden Tour: A Colorful Patio Blooms in the Arizona Desert

This Tuscon, Ariz. residence belongs to some vivacious couple who wanted a location where they can make the most of their retirement. “The customers had a big wish list,” says landscape designer Kathryn Prideaux. They wanted to create an actual outdoor living experience: pool, dining room, outdoor kitchen, fire feature, rest seat, and sunning area on the terrace. Already an ambitious endeavor, the job was complicated by the terrace’s limited space. “They weren’t really worried about just how much space they have, but rather how that space could be utilized,” says Prideaux. By carefully dividing the space according to function, she managed to check off every item on her customers’ want list. Prideaux Design The rear patio faces a stunning sunset view of a beautiful golf program. The contemporary built-in fireplace — surrounded by outdoor furniture out of Brown Jordan — was created by running one line of petrol into…


Set Your Set on Display

Collections are wonderful ways to express your own personality. Do you have treasures you would like to display, but don’t have any clue how to begin? Most probably your collection already has a cluttered subject, shape or substance. The next step is to select your favorites, curating those that appear to move together. It’s not necessary to show everything you have. Perhaps you will wish to rotate your items and and make a new exhibit periodically. Let’s look at some methods to produce a pleasant screen, and where to flaunt it. S Interior Design About the wall. Here is fantastic way to fill that empty space above the sofa. This guitar collector has created eye-catching wall artwork with these beauties. The staggered structure is pleasing to the eye. Ninainvorm Covering an whole wall produces a statement. Framed art looks cheerful and vibrant in this playroom. This would be a sensible…


How to Clean Your Swimming Pool

Having a pool in your backyard is awesome. There’s nothing more fun than hanging around in the soothing pool water in a hot summer day. Well, in case you want to get the best out of your pool, you need to maintain it in the best way possible. One of the easiest and most effective maintenance tips for Kansas City handyman is in fact cleaning. If you keep your pool clean, you won’t have to deal with any other damages or issues. Here’s the ultimate pool cleaning guide for you: Clean the Deck The deck is part and parcel of your pool. Sadly, many homeowners tend to ignore it when they clean up their pool. You should avoid this mistake. Cleaning your handyman Kansas City and leaving the deck behind makes no sense. The dirt and the debris on the deck will most likely fall in the pool. In that…


Animal-Inspired Rugs Telephone the Wild Inside

Animal designs in home decor exude a look is international and primal by character. Zebra, cheetah, leopard and giraffe prints have always been favorites among trendsetters. This ideabook includes some of the best applications of wild-yet-domesticated rugs, from frisky carpet runners to colorful zebra rugs. Browsing through the pictures on Houzz, I have seen everything. Join me as I take one for a walk on the wild side. Cynthia Taylor-Luce A leopard-print runner leaves a path through the lower level of the home. Its own sprightly design adds a touch of the exotic to all those predominately neutral living spaces. Tobi Fairley Interior Design Show your adventurous side by adding a leopard-print rug in a modern space. This print functions harmoniously with the drapery and toss pillows and injects an element of fun with no disruptive. Carolina V. Gentry, RID A black-and-white cowhide provides a dose of exaggerated layout within…


Guest Groups: Marching to a Different Drum Shade

This month, I thought I’d share a bit behind the scenes of what happens in a designer’s workplace. I spent a few days scouting for a drum shade chandelier, but not just any pixel color; this option needed to be unique. The requirements were that it needed to get a silver option and be somewhat dimensional, along with having a cloth shade. As you will see I fell in and out of love many times before I found the perfect marriage! –Julieann out of Jace Interiors and CreateGirl blog Kate Jackson Design This is a great example of a clean and classic drum shade chandelier — it’s simply perfect in this setting! For my client’s house, we needed an option in her kitchen that had measurement using a WOW factor since it would be the piece that draws you into the space. Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog Jamie Young Co…..


Houzz Tour: Warm

The owners of this hillside”Atomic Ranch” in Southern California’s idyllic Corona del Mar purchased the house for its linear form, mid-century look and amazing views. It had more living space and important fixes, so the customers turned to Laidlaw Schultz Architects to restructure its design and make an awareness of indoor-outdoor living. Directed by Craig Schultz, the group opened the house into the view and combined mid-century-inspired architecture and hot materials with many of the owners’ own curvy, vibrant furnishings. The result is a superbly updated blast in the past. Laidlaw Schultz architects The designers reorganized the construction of the house, tripling its first 1,100 square feet and incorporating two guest bedrooms and an office. The living area’s first sliding glass doors were actually inhibiting the view, therefore the architects place a cantilevered beam out from the roof and wrapped a floor-to-ceiling window around this side of the home. Laidlaw…


Design Details: Framing Views

In modern/contemporary architecture windows veer between two extremes: discerning openings in solid walls and full-height glass (spanning from floor to ceiling). The second, especially popular in high-rise construction in cities, completely opens up the residence to outside views, no matter exposure. On the other hand that the very first tend to be irregular, instead of regular like conventional architecture, and may therefore be considered random. However, in several instances their placement is based on perspectives, linking insides to distant landmarks or vista. The following photos exhibit a variety of ways of decorating views from modern architecture, from small openings to expansive ones. The main idea is a deliberate framing of character or the town, turning the window into a picture, an ever-changing one. Studio Pali Fekete architects [SPF:a] The town of Los Angeles is the magnificent vista in this Hollywood Hills house. While the windows wrap the entire living space,…


Arches Frame Welcoming Spaces

The gallant arch is among the first things that you learn about in History of Architecture 101. It has proved its technology might and usefulness during the ages, but nowadays it seems to be relegated to the use of decorative add-on. It may be the simple fact that I live in Southern California in which there’s a plethora of Spanish design residences, however the sight of the arched doorway still makes me swoon. Carson Poetzl, Inc.. The monastic ease of a simple, unadorned arch is an inspiring sight. The repetition of this traditional arch down a long hallway creates a timeless appearance. Ventana Construction LLC Even small homes can benefit from the historical flourish that an arch can provide. The tightest of arches in the tightest of hallways elevates the home’s appearance and adds to its real estate value. Summerour Architects Framing an arched doorway in thick, rich timber adds…