2012 Color Trends: Get of Green Kitchen and Bath

This 2012 Color Trends show is about five hot color trends projected for the year. In particular I’ll be showing you how you can incorporate them into your toilet and kitchen in a means which is logical for your taste and your property. Green is going to be a solid color for the new year with leaves, moss, earth, forest and blossom sprouting on Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr and Yolo palettes, among others. Green is a relaxing shade — some even consider it a brand new neutral — which makes it particularly great for master bathroom retreats. It can work well in kitchens and other living areas, too. (I painted each the walls within my first condo sage and loved it. The master bedroom of my last home was home, too.) Below are a few ways to incorporate it into your kitchen and bathroom, sensibly and stylishly. Read bathroom remodeling…


Frame the View Using Divided-Light Windows

Some windows might feel just like pesky glass and framework obstructing a great view, while others are so stunning that they render the view secondary. Divided-light windows, also referred to as multi-light, fall into the latter category, in my own book. At a divided-light window, the panes of glass are separated and held by muntins — strips of metal or wood. Also referred to as glazing or sash pubs, muntins divide a single window sash or casement into a grid system of little panes of lights or”lites” (also known as glass). Multi-light windows came about because of the unavailability of large glass panes before and in the start of the industrial era. Little panes were cheap to make and easy to arrange in a grid (split by muntins) to create large windows and doors. Expensive homes were often outfitted with window panes laid out in ornamental patterns which reflected the…


Kitchen of the Week: Big, Bold and Crimson in Texas

This Dallas kitchen, initially constructed in the 1960s, was in dire need of a makeover. The clients were a busy and expanding household having a kitchen that would allow them to cook, clean, do homework, eat, and interact smoothly. Ralph Stow and his team at Dallas Renovation Group tore down the span fur-downs, brief closets, and big console island and replaced everything with luxury country-style materials. By reorganizing the work triangle at the kitchen and constructing a large, bright red island, they designed a cheerful and trendy kitchen is effective for everyone. Dallas Renovation Group The kitchen’s new layout revolves round the 9-foot-long island. Stow and his team kept the customer’s need for a multipurpose kitchen in your mind and designed a large island that could serve a number of functions. The island includes two different seating areas, with under-counter closets for children’s crafts and knickknacks on one end. The…


Indoor Gardens: Duplicate Nature Inside

Together with the frosty days of winter fast approaching, it’s time to deliver the grace and attractiveness of vegetation inside before it melts outside. Designate a room where your plants can get sufficient light and get creative; there are numerous ways to exhibit and enjoy a garden inside. Plants aren’t just aesthetically pleasing and soothing, but they also refresh atmosphere for a healthier home. From mobile planters to vertical gardens, showing green living things could be fun and easy, giving new and better vibes to your house. decordemon Want to take your garden with you around the house? This mobile planter is a flexible and fun way to bring living green into whichever room needs it all. See how to create this mobile planter box Amazon Garden365 Mobile Garden – $224.99 This mobile planter, made by Garden365, comes in 3 distinct colours: latte (shown), graphite and terracotta. Made of recyclable…


'Pan Am' Inspires Flight Back into 1960s Style

Okay, I admit it. We have been seeing the new television show Pan Am. So what if the characters are not as developed and deeply flawed and the story isn’t is not as gripping as Mad Men? If for no other reason, I watch the series because the costumes and sets are wonderful. Let us face it, the 1960s were decade. Any era that was ushered in by Jackie and Camelot had to be! So let us bring back some of that ’60s optimism, that can-do spirit and that openness to do what is hard. This time around, let us keep an eye on the future and eschew the “throw away” for a sustainable approach. Gary Hutton Design The early 1960s was the start of the Space Age and the Jet Set, and also the finest of our homes looked ready to take flight. Modern Homes Realty These homes were…


Houzz Tour: A Urban Castle at Pasadena

Van-Martin Rowe added his own unique contribution to the rich architectural tradition of Pasadena, California, when he designed and built an”urban castle” for himself and his spouse, Barry Storch. The landscape and interior designer chose a nondescript two-bedroom, one-bath home and transformed it into a one-of-a-kind residence with details from the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and Morocco. Inspired from the sequoia that has burst on the land for more than a century, Rowe envisioned a home having an indoor-outdoor sensibility along with a vertical accent, which more than doubled the present structure’s square footage. Fourteen-foot ceilings give mass to the spaces, without sacrificing livability or comfort. “I attempted to maintain it so that it lived just like a larger home,” he says. Van-Martin Rowe Two of the seven towers lend a fanciful air to the home, while a tall hedge guarantees privacy. Earth-toned textured stucco provides a link to the earth…


How To Choose The Best Roof For Your House

Your home’s roofing is the primary line of defense of the entire household against the elements. It’s also the property’s crowning glory. Routine maintenance is essential if you want to preserve the character and safety of your home. If you ever notice huge problems with your roofing, you may have to replace it. roofing Glendale replacement is an extensive and expensive job, making it a task best left to experts. Uninformed contractor and purchasing choices will compromise the roof’s structural integrity. In order for you to hire a competent service provider and get your money’s worth, you should consider the following factors: Style Glendale roofers contributes the same aesthetic value as the doors, siding, and lawn. So, take your time when choosing the color and the roofing materials that complement your home and your neighborhood’s architectural style. The roofline is among the first things that you see in a property….

Kitchen Guides

Kitchen of the Week: Warm, Cozy and Autumn-Inspired

Houzz consumer Ricki Vaughn of Decatur, Ill. always had a good idea of what her dream kitchen could look like — and before her remodel, the original kitchen just was not cutting it. The space was small, with hardly any cabinets and small counter space, making cooking and cleanup hard. The rustic landscape enclosing Vaughn’s home motivated a new kitchen palette predicated mostly on golden browns and grays found in nature. Warm hickory cabinetry was custom created, and an unpolished slate backsplash was installed on each wall. Vaughn also made certain that her kitchen needed just as much storage and prep area as possible. “It was like Christmas every day to see the shift in the kitchen,” she states. “I don’t even mind cooking today!” With the support of her builder, Craig Parker of KLC Remodeling, Vaughn tripled her cabinet and counter area. Customized cabinets house a pantry, trash drawers,…

Gardening and Landscaping

Garden Tour: A Colorful Patio Blooms in the Arizona Desert

This Tuscon, Ariz. residence belongs to some vivacious couple who wanted a location where they can make the most of their retirement. “The customers had a big wish list,” says landscape designer Kathryn Prideaux. They wanted to create an actual outdoor living experience: pool, dining room, outdoor kitchen, fire feature, rest seat, and sunning area on the terrace. Already an ambitious endeavor, the job was complicated by the terrace’s limited space. “They weren’t really worried about just how much space they have, but rather how that space could be utilized,” says Prideaux. By carefully dividing the space according to function, she managed to check off every item on her customers’ want list. Prideaux Design The rear patio faces a stunning sunset view of a beautiful golf program. The contemporary built-in fireplace — surrounded by outdoor furniture out of Brown Jordan — was created by running one line of petrol into…


Set Your Set on Display

Collections are wonderful ways to express your own personality. Do you have treasures you would like to display, but don’t have any clue how to begin? Most probably your collection already has a cluttered subject, shape or substance. The next step is to select your favorites, curating those that appear to move together. It’s not necessary to show everything you have. Perhaps you will wish to rotate your items and and make a new exhibit periodically. Let’s look at some methods to produce a pleasant screen, and where to flaunt it. S Interior Design About the wall. Here is fantastic way to fill that empty space above the sofa. This guitar collector has created eye-catching wall artwork with these beauties. The staggered structure is pleasing to the eye. Ninainvorm Covering an whole wall produces a statement. Framed art looks cheerful and vibrant in this playroom. This would be a sensible…