So You've Moved In Together — How to Merge Your Stuff

Whether you and your honey have moved into a brand-new space together or just one of you has made the move, unpacking the boxes can be cause for alarm. All these are items taken from house to home, items which were concealed under the bed, and boxes and boxes of incredibly important things. Even when you’re ready to share space with the one that you enjoy, merging styles can result in some bumps on the highway. When that broken-down recliner appears — you know, the one with the duct-taped arms and sunken seat — you might feel as if you’re losing your sanity. But don’t worry, there is a way to deal with it which can keep both of you happy. Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books One of the most difficult scenarios couples confront is not related to the way to decorate (though that is near the top)….


Clear the Air: A Guide to Indoor Air Purifiers

In case you have asthma or allergies, or are sensitive to pollution, you may have considered buying an air purifier to clean the air inside your house — but with so many types of filtration systems on the market, and prices ranging from $100 to nearly $1,000, it can be tough to know where to start. Have a look at this quick guide to house air purifiers to determine which are worth spending your hard-earned bucks on. Ltd, Albertsson Hansen Architecture Why use an air purifier? Indoor air pollution comes from a blend of particulate matter (dust, mold and pet dander) and gaseous pollutants (exhaust, smoke and chemical fumes), and may be much worse than the pollution outside, simply because it doesn’t have any way to dissipate. Individuals who suffer from asthma or allergies can be especially sensitive to air quality, and with the air purifier may be useful, together…

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12 Antique Store Finds to Nab Today, Place Later

I get asked fairly often where I find the accessories in my projects. My response is stores. “Antiquing” is my favourite type of searching — and occasionally my favorite contact sport, as well. Antique stores offer you one-of-a-kind objects, reasonable pricing and immediate gratification. Beware, though, of competitive shoppers eyeing the thing you merely inquired about. It is best to wear flats to your next stop for an antique store; you might have to do some fancy footwork. It is helpful to know what you are looking at as you wander through, specifically, whether or not a bit is truly classic or contemporary. And there are a handful of things that I constantly buy if I find them. These objects are about the “buy now, ask later” listing: When I see one of these objects I simply buy it and then determine where it will go after. For some people,…

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6 Fantasy Poolside Retreats

As the temperature creeps toward 90 degrees Fahrenheit today, I am dreaming of being able doing the Nestea plunge in a swimming pool in my backyard. As the dream expands, I envision a beautifully appointed pool home where I will settle among cushions covered in Trina Turk cloth in my bathing suit and stylish Tory Burch tunic (I do not actually have either), grab some unsweet tea in the wet bar and write my own ideabooks while I cool off. Alas, it is just a sweltering day’s daydream, but cruising through the beautiful pool houses on helps improve it. Whether you’re planning to create your pool plans come to fruition or just need to join me in the dream, I hope these six varied pool houses will cool off you and take you away for a few minutes today. Crisp Architects 1. Revival in the Connecticut countryside. Symmetrical pergolas add…

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Let's Be Transparent Here

The proprietors of the midcentury modern home in New York’s Hudson Valley liked the casual nature of the original 1952 design, but they wanted a stronger connection to the scene. Jeff Jordan Architects opened both the floor plan and outside, providing the clients a more straightforward, pared-down version of the home, with expansive glass walls and perspectives that recall Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House along with other contemporary glass houses. in a GlanceLocation: Newburgh, New YorkSize: 2,200 square feet Jeff Jordan Architects LLC The Hillcrest House has basically a U-shape plan, with the master suite and garage occupying one leg each, and the open living area found at the bottom. The latter is where architect Jeff Jordan really opened up the home, as can be seen here in the east-facing living area. This view shows the way the exterior cedar siding is continuing inside to combine the inside and…

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Get a Grip: Create Handle Openings With Only Two Tools

Trays, totes, stools and a few benches feature handle openings that enable you to transport them readily and comfortably. You are able to attach mass-produced handles or knobs to those items, however they often stick out, ruining a sleek profile. Additionally, it’s often difficult to center them precisely. By producing your own handle launching, you’re not just adding a wonderful practical attribute, but you’re also highlighting a bit of skill and customizing a project. Chris Hill Quantify and Mark the Spot Precise measuring and therefore are crucial to create a handle launching. Start with marking center points for two starter holes which are equidistantly spaced from the center point of the board. Leave at least a 3/4-inch space between the handle opening and the upper edge of the board. For a 1-inch-wide opening, that means indicating a center stage 11/4 inches from the edge. A fantastic rule of thumb for…


Is the Future Hinted at by These Surprising Contemporary Exteriors?

Walk down any suburban street, and you can probably imagine the general design of almost all of the houses. We are familiar with conventional houses and absorb the clues their facades reveal — a tall, vertical window possibly reveals the stairs; a little window with opaque glass indicates a bathroom; a huge window at street level usually opens into a family room. However, what if the house has an unconventional appearance, and the recognizable components which compose the facade aren’t really where we expect them to be? In such cases a first read of modern houses can puzzle initially, but if we stop and take a closer look, we might have the ability to interpret what shaped it. An understanding of the historical, architectural or cultural heritage may also notify us a bit. However one thing for sure is that modern houses rarely reveal their secrets at a glance. We…

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A New Texas Farmhouse Pulls a Neat Trick

A farmhouse almost sounds like an oxymoron. Normally the constructions are conventional and nostalgic, have been in existence for decades, and so are only added on to or remodeled. That’s why builder and architect Eric Rauser’s new-build farmhouse on an organic farm in Austin, Texas, is so unusual. Rauser studied historic farmhouses in Central Texas and forced it seem like a very old house. He realized the impact by producing add-ons he imagined would have been done by generations of households over time. A living room punches from the structure and mixes different materials to mimic an expansion job that would have come in a different period in the house’s life. “People say it’s a great remodel, which is a compliment because we needed it to feel as if it had always been there,” Rauser states. in a GlanceWho lives here: Glen and Paula Foore, organic farmersLocation: Springdale Farm, Austin,…

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Kitchen Sinks: Enameled Cast Iron for Beautiful Durability

One of the vast array of kitchen sinks available today, a few materials have earned a top place. Cast iron is one of them. Cast iron sinks have been around for some time, because they’re long lasting and attractive. And today they are available in plenty of colors, styles and price ranges. Kohler The fundamentals: Cast iron kitchen countertops are made up of 2 layers. The foundation layer is a thick, durable iron alloy, which is then coated in a thick tooth top layer. Together the layers produce an impervious surface with a lustrous finish. Price: $200 to $900 on average, depending on the dimensions and configuration. Avenue B Development Benefits: in regards to durability and beauty, a cast iron sink surely fits the bill. A heavy foundation means these sinks may take a lifetime of usage. Despite their durability, these countertops also boast an attractive end. The thick enamel…

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Double Take: This External Screen Makes Game Day a Snap

Browsing the other day I came across an outside media pavilion that stopped me in my tracks. What’s the TV protected from weather? Just how large is it? Who are these individuals? It turns out this is a family of large Michigan State University fans, and they like to have their friends over to enjoy game day and film nights in their own dream outside media space, entertainment patio and living space in Ann Arbor. Colorworks Studio And by “fantasy,” we do suggest “dream” A pavilion this dimension, for example, exterior finish materials, remote-controlled bronze and glass entrance door, prewiring and interior heating and air conditioning, can run $55,000, states Barbi Krass, proprietor of Colorworks Studio, which did the whole exterior layout, including the pavilion. A projector inside designed for both day and nighttime watching shoots the image onto the rear of a 9-foot-wide glass display. Little speakers are strategically…