Saving Water

How to Pick Small-Home Heating & Cooling Units

Heating and cooling is a significant aspect of residences, helping to regulate the climate inside during the year so that you can enjoy the precise level of comfort you would like. However, there are a whole lot of choices when it comes to selecting the right heating and cooling unit. Not all those choices are straightforward and easy. When selecting the right HVAC unit to your small home, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get the most from your investment. Size An important first step is to match the magnitude of the home to the result of the furnace or ac unit. A unit that is too small will never heat or cool a house sufficiently. A unit that is too big heats and cools too quickly, resulting in excess energy consumption. Extra humidity is another issue with air conditioners that are too…


How to Repair Cracks in Stone Masonry

Fixing the mortar joints and cracks in stone masonry is also known as re-pointing, or tuck-pointing. An unrepaired joint or crack in stone or brick foundations can result in more severe problems down the road. Since the base settles, the rest of the home settles using the changes at the base, which can manifest in plaster cracks, or doors and windows being difficult to open or close correctly. Once you properly repair cracks in stone masonry, you also can slow the consequences of the settling. Cracks in Stone Masonry Wash the crack using a wire brush. Eliminate any bigger loose particles using a chisel and hammer as required. Don safety glasses and a dust mask. Blow the debris out using the compressor attachment of an air compressor hose to eliminate any fine particles from the crack. Use a pointed trowel to thoroughly fill the washed crack with vinyl concrete patcher…

Traditional Architecture

How to Calculate Sod Pallets to Your Yard

Using sod, instead of seed or sprigs, to set a lawn area allows you to create a lawn nearly immediately, reduce mud, mud and erosion, and guarantee that the new lawn is essentially weed free. To ensure that you purchase enough sod to totally cover the prepared website, you have to measure the website correctly and convert your dimensions to sod pallets. Many sod pallets have 50 square yards of sod, but check with your sod supplier in case the sum of sod per binder varies. Divide, on your mind or by drawing on paper, the lawn’s planned landscaping place into simple geometric shapes like rectangles, triangles and circles. If the planned sod region is already rotating there isn’t any need to split it into smaller shapes. Measure each of the split sections of the planned sod place, in the feet. Assess the length and the width of any rectangle,…

Home Painting

How to Iron a Sheer Window Scarf

It’s hard to thumb through a house magazine these days and never to find examples of this ever-popular window scarf. Occasionally known as a swag, the long expanse of material draped loosely and elegantly above a rod without gain of drapery hooks never fails to make an impression. While the prospect of ironing a window veil, especially one made of sheer material, might appear daunting, a couple hints make the job more manageable. Set up a full-size ironing board that has clean covering and cushioning. There should be plenty of room facing the board. If you set up before a sofa, then you will have a wide, clean area to hold the ironed scarf as you operate. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise if it is broader than the ironing board. The fabric should be barely damp from washing for best results. Collect the folded scarf on the ground between…

Home Painting

The way to Incorporate an Armoire

Refinishing an outdated, worn or drab armoire using paint — and with it turn out fantastic — is possible, even in the event that you have no prior painting experience. The key to a successful paint job is planning. Ensuring that the armoire’s surface is smooth and grime-free will pay off once you apply the first coat of paint. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the type of colour and paint you can use to transform your armoire. Latex paints are water-soluable, unlike striped paints, so they have a much less pungent odor, and the paint washes easily off of brushes. But oil-based paints create a more durable finish that tends to mimic brushstrokes better than latex paint. Put the armoire over a drop cloth to protect the floor from paint spills. Remove the armoire’s doors, drawers and hardware, using a screwdriver. Place the doors, drawers and hardware…

Gardening and Landscaping

How to Design Annual Flower Beds

Yearly flowers last for only one growing season, unlike perennials, which come back year after year. Because of this, annuals tend to be much cheaper than their perennial counterparts and also create an excellent selection for adding bursts of color throughout your landscape for a portion of the cost. When designing a bed of annuals, the very same rules apply as if you’re designing perennial beds. You will want to plan the beds based on height, texture and colour, in addition to choose the right plants for your land and the amount of sun the bed receives. Mark out your flower bed by means of a garden hose, string or spray paint. This will help you when you till the dirt and include amendments or fertilizers. Annual beds can be as small or big as you need because the blooms only last one season and also don’t develop especially big….


How to Fix Leaks in a Swimming Pool Around the Jets

No pool is all of the piece — pumps and motors circulate water during debris-catching filters and cleaning feeders, pushing the water in and out of the pool vacuum ports and returns, also called “jets .” Even though it takes a whole group of components to keep your pool trucking, the points at which various components meet are the most susceptible to leaks. To pickup leaks yourself, turn to a different knockout combo — two-part “pool putty” epoxy. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and fill out a dropper-like tester bottle — the type that comes with pool testing kits — with red food coloring. The red shade contrasts with blue chlorine, assisting you to identify the leak’s particular position. Position yourself at the edge of the pool so you can reach the leaky jet by lying safely on your stomach, if you’re working with an in-ground pool. For…


The way to Remove a Couch Color That Rubbed on a Wall

The way you eliminate a rubbed-on couch color from the wall is usually less about the stain and also more concerning the wall. It’s ideal to start with a gentle cleaning method, then transfer to stronger options for the finishing type, if needed. Whenever possible, check with the paint or wallpaper manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations to avoid damage. On Paint If the couch color doesn’t come off with a soft sponge and mild, soapy water, try out a 16-to-1 component vinegar-to-water solution on flat paint, or even a baking-soda glue on shiny paint. Use a soft cloth and gentle pressure. Generally, shiny paints are more washable than flat paints, but initial test either finish for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. On Paper For washable vinyl wallpaper, try taking away the shade rub with a soft sponge and soapy water. Wring out the sponge, work from the seams’ management, and rinse and…

Home Painting

Cleaning Grimy Painted Doors and Trim

Painted doors and trim may show dirt and grime very quickly, but it’s equally as quick to wash the spots. Most of the dirt showing on decorated trim is among the oily variety, especially that around doorknobs and other high-use places. Oily marks like fingerprints pull and hold onto dirt, which makes the trim appear dirtier than it really is, and normal wiping may not get rid of the oily residue. Assess the Surface First Before cleaning any painted surface, make sure it’s safe to get it wet. Modern painted trims are generally safe, but some historic surfaces may not be. Dampen a cleaning cloth with water, and wipe in a inconspicuous area to ensure water won’t damage or stain the paint. Glossy-looking finishes are almost always safe to wash with water, whilst matte finishes should be examined first. No matter what the finish, it’s ideal to prevent over-wetting the…