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Caribbean Beachside Style in Australia

The idea of renovating a four-bedroom house by day and functioning fulltime at night would be daunting for many. But Patrick and Linda Meldrum juggled all the with an 18-month-old in tow along with a baby just weeks away. The couple had recently moved from London to reside the Australian dream: a laidback lifestyle in a tropical climate in Noosa Sound, considered among the world’s best beaches. They bought their house as an investment property and let it from all over the globe throughout the entire year. The house has been created by Stephen Kidd, known for his distinctive “Noosa design,” a relaxed beach-meets-bush cosmetic. “We love our quiet road and also the abundance of birdlife waking us each morning,” Patrick says. “Being five minutes from among the world’s best beaches as well as the magnificent Noosa National Park definitely has its perks.” at a GlanceWho lives here: Patrick and…


Head Into Bold Southwest Color Country

The colors that define the American Southwest are really wonderful. A few of those hues are beautiful and bright, while some are earthy and rustic. All of these colors reflect the area’s natural surroundings, like the periwinkle mountains that outline many cities that are submerged, and turquoise, a favorite gemstone that’s obviously abundant in this section of the nation. No wonder that the Southwest is a magnet for artists, that are drawn to and motivated by this symphony of colors. If you love being surrounded by rich colors, the Southwest palette might be just the thing for you. House + House Architects Bluish purple is a common colour in the Southwest and is the colour of the area’s remote mountain range. With its rich, cozy look, this colour is a good selection for a bedroom. Paint select: Mystical Grape, Benjamin Moore Elad Gonen Blue is a popular color in the…

Gardening and Landscaping

Topiaries Carve Out and a Place Indoors

Topiary gardens can take years to grow and perfect (they are not for the faint of heart). For people who are committed to keeping a formal topiary garden, however, the results can be magnificent. Join me as I take a peek at some inspirational topiary designs, from the tiniest sinkside rosemary to a grand showcase garden in Pennsylvania. Blasen Landscape Architecture Topiary is the art of shaping plants into recognizable forms by pruning. In outdoor gardens, spherical contours create a appearance. A collection of shaped evergreens gives a Dr. Seuss–like appeal to this space. Bosworth Hoedemaker The classic mini standards seen here seem like little trees, each with a singular trunk and around pom-pom top. Woody herbs like rosemary and lavender make perfect candidates for sinkside or countertop miniature standards. Interiors by Myriam, LLC Extend the normal topiary to create three balls of foliage, and you’ve got another traditional type….

Traditional Architecture

Roofs that are extraordinary Have High Design Covered

The options for roof layout aren’t limited to the two most common ones: pitched (gable, hip) or horizontal. Other shapes and expressions are possible, and if done creatively the roof can be the most striking aspect of a house’s exterior. This ideabook assembles four homes with dramatic roofs, dissecting what pushes them outside creating strong images. Charles Rose Architects Inc.. In this waterfront house in Gloucester, Massachusetts, architect Charles Rose describes the roof as with a sail-like quality. The house is like a boomerang in plan, and also the roof reaches its high point where the two wings fulfill, the remote point in this picture. But as could be seen, at this end the roof turns to turn into wall-like, acting like a terminus for the terraces. Charles Rose Architects Inc.. Another view of this turned-down end indicates the way the roof and wall construction contains the distance of this…

Eclectic Homes

Wood for Great Modern Layout

Natural forests have been a popular topic in interior design within the past few years because they work wonders when coupled with all the clean and modern lines of minimalist design. When compared to shiny metal, stone surfaces and sharp white details, wood is fully capable of taking center stage in any home. Below are some creative ideas for integrating this splendid natural material on your area. 1. Opening statement. Natural wood is an excellent way to show off your home from the beginning: the hallway. Within this straightforward and elegant hallway, the wood perfectly balances the sharp walls and rough feel of the stone. Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.. 2. The accent wall. Should you look closely at this inside, you’ll notice that the designer used various finishes and sizes of scrap wood. The result is a mesmerizing installation that retains your sense of sight. Watch the rest of…

Tropical Style

Southern California Gardener's October Checklist

Fall is prime planting time in Southern California. The nicely organized one of us are supposed to program all year long so they’re prepared to spring into action the instant the hot weather subsides (typically by mid-October). The shorter days, cooler nights and low-angle sunlight of autumn add up to lower water stress on new plants, while the still-warm soil enables roots to thrive. Prime planting season continues through January or so, when much-welcome rains (fingers crossed) give young plants an extra leg up. Keep an eye out for hot, dry Santa Ana winds early in the summer, however, and be prepared to apply extra irrigation to garden newcomers to prevent them from turning into shoe leather. See a sampling of fall planting selections below. Note: Considering that bare-root season is coming with the new calendar year, you can find a good healthy start for all these varieties and save…

Eclectic Homes

Metal Works Wonders With Home Exteriors

Following on the heels of ideabooks that looked in exteriors covered in glass and wood, this one introduces a couple of projects that use metal in some intriguing ways. In architecture, metal can refer to a wide selection of substances with similar attributes — metallic glint, hardness, elasticity, magnetism, conduction and so on — but that nevertheless have special looks. These include zinc, copper, steel and aluminum. These metals, usually alloyed with other components, can be left fairly normal, oxidized to put in a layer of coated or rust to take on other characteristics. The subsequent jobs show a wide variety of uses of metal in architecture. The construction zone, ltd.. The Logan residence by Jones Studio features walls of metal (this picture and next) as well as glass and concrete. Nevertheless, the gold “aspen leaves” overhead steal the show. They provide a memorable transition and shade between inside and…

Coastal Style

Vintage Treasure Trove in Chicago

A self-proclaimed thrifting enthusiast, Dean Fisher picked up 90% of the bits in her house from thrift shops or antique shops, or found or inherited them. “I love owning items using a background,” Fisher says,”and can frequently linger when I pick up something from Craigslist, pressing the seller for any backstory they can give me.” Fisher, that chronicles her apartment decorating experiences on her blog, My Small Apartment, has a flair for an eclectic combination of 1970s and mid-century modern style. in a Glance: Who lives here: Dean Fisher and her corgi-beagle combination, BunnyLocation: Logan Square, ChicagoSize: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom That’s interesting: The mirror in the living area is constructed in and was original to the apartment — it’s what ended up completely selling Fisher on the area. Fisher moved to Chicago from Los Angeles, and a lot of her style reflects the laid-back desert vibe of her prior…

Coastal Style

Modern High-Rise Singleton in Austin

Towering 323 feet into the skies, the Monarch building is one of the tallest residential buildings in downtown Austin, Texas. Its prime location only blocks away from beautiful Town Lake makes it among the most coveted places to live in the city, so it is not surprising that it brings young professionals such as 23-year-old Zac Goldman. “I love Austin because of its hip, young and active lifestyle,” Goldman says. The Monarch’s design is modern and modern, and fits right in with Goldman’s personal style. “Everyone in my family has a very clean, modern style. I like things to be very neat,” he states. Goldman embraced the all-white walls of this bare apartment and transformed the area into a minimalist’s dream. in a GlanceWho lives here: Zac GoldmanLocation: Austin, TexasSize: 914 square feet, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom That’s intriguing: Not merely is your sofa curved, but its three seats recline…