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Wood for Great Modern Layout

Natural forests have been a popular topic in interior design within the past few years because they work wonders when coupled with all the clean and modern lines of minimalist design.

When compared to shiny metal, stone surfaces and sharp white details, wood is fully capable of taking center stage in any home. Below are some creative ideas for integrating this splendid natural material on your area.

1. Opening statement. Natural wood is an excellent way to show off your home from the beginning: the hallway. Within this straightforward and elegant hallway, the wood perfectly balances the sharp walls and rough feel of the stone.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

2. The accent wall. Should you look closely at this inside, you’ll notice that the designer used various finishes and sizes of scrap wood. The result is a mesmerizing installation that retains your sense of sight.

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Steven Miller Design Studio, Inc..

3. Hello, headboard. No need for fancy upholstered headboards here. The wood creates an impression without needing any distance away from the space. This solution is ideal if you’re working to create a comfy space and you do not have a lot of square footage.

Tom Hurt Architecture

4. Perhaps not your ’70s ceiling. Wood on the ceiling is an old thought. But, it has taken a life of its own. To make wood work above, you want to make certain to have either enough ceiling height or enough square footage. Otherwise, it may make your room feel cramped and claustrophobic.

Here, the designers are following an old yet effective Frank Lloyd Wright rule: in a large space in this way, keep your ceilings low to force the eye to appear outside.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

On the other hand, this home boasts amazing tall ceilings with loads of natural light for a very different result from the prior photo. To give a wooden ceiling an updated look, you might choose to add modern light and clean, shiny floors.

Jane Kim Design

5. The older countertop. Perhaps one of the most stunning uses of wood materials occurs to also be sensible. A massive slab of wood takes center stage in this kitchen.

A word of caution: Wood needs a lot of care, especially in the kitchen. Before you take the jump, do your search for those species of wood you want so you understand exactly what you’re getting into.

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Feldman Architecture, Inc..

6. A wooden bath. though the grain of the wood is delicate, it contrasts beautifully against the differently all-white bathroom. When installing wood in a wet area such as the toilet, use exactly the very same rules as installing wood outside. You should make sure it lasts.

DuChateau Floors

You can even combine your grains and species. This case showcases three varieties of pure wood, yet because of the tones of each, they work beautifully together.

Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

7. The fireplace. It might be an apparent use for wood, but it’s a striking one nonetheless.

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Hufft Projects

8. A separation. You can use wood to comparison a overriding material, such as metal. In this case, the wood breaks up the vertical nature of the display and its smooth metallic feel.

Wilson & Company Ltd

9. A warm welcome. When using wood for entry doors, you are able to keep the look modern by opting for a cushioned door. Or choose a horizontal grain together with a flat-faced door and trendy hardware.

10. Go outdoors. When wood is used in unexpected ways or areas, it creates a one-of-a-kind statement that’s difficult to dismiss. If used outside, wood ought to be treated with the proper sealants to ensure its longevity.

Inform us : how can you utilize natural forests in your property? Do you believe creating a wood installment is a DIY job worth? Share your thoughts below.

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