Design Details: Framing Views

In modern/contemporary architecture windows veer between two extremes: discerning openings in solid walls and full-height glass (spanning from floor to ceiling). The second, especially popular in high-rise construction in cities, completely opens up the residence to outside views, no matter exposure. On the other hand that the very first tend to be irregular, instead of regular like conventional architecture, and may therefore be considered random. However, in several instances their placement is based on perspectives, linking insides to distant landmarks or vista. The following photos exhibit a variety of ways of decorating views from modern architecture, from small openings to expansive ones. The main idea is a deliberate framing of character or the town, turning the window into a picture, an ever-changing one. Studio Pali Fekete architects [SPF:a] The town of Los Angeles is the magnificent vista in this Hollywood Hills house. While the windows wrap the entire living space,…


Arches Frame Welcoming Spaces

The gallant arch is among the first things that you learn about in History of Architecture 101. It has proved its technology might and usefulness during the ages, but nowadays it seems to be relegated to the use of decorative add-on. It may be the simple fact that I live in Southern California in which there’s a plethora of Spanish design residences, however the sight of the arched doorway still makes me swoon. Carson Poetzl, Inc.. The monastic ease of a simple, unadorned arch is an inspiring sight. The repetition of this traditional arch down a long hallway creates a timeless appearance. Ventana Construction LLC Even small homes can benefit from the historical flourish that an arch can provide. The tightest of arches in the tightest of hallways elevates the home’s appearance and adds to its real estate value. Summerour Architects Framing an arched doorway in thick, rich timber adds…


Elements of a Modern Exterior Entry

We all wish for great curb appeal, whether to make visitors feel welcome or increasing our real estate value when we are ready to sell. Wonder what it takes to present your so-so outside a contemporary touch? Here are some design elements. Blasen Landscape Architecture 1. Slats and grey exteriors. The warm wood coupled with the neutral grey is winning hearts. It does not take much to swap out a normal gate for a wood-clad version with horizontal slats and decorate your outside. A game of hide and show is created, especially if there is some spacing between the wood slats. Aren’t you dying to learn what is behind that gate? Ziger/Snead Architects More wood slats, now used to create a semi-private display in front door enclosure. Depending on how you space the slats, they offer a world of design options from private to semi-private screens, dividers, enclosures, and more….