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What to Use to Kill Grass Around Trees

Grass doesn’t always grow well underneath trees. The leafy canopy of the tree blocks the sun from reaching the grass, so it’s unable to make food for itself via photosynthesis and it shouted. The rest patchy grass is aesthetically unpleasing. Even in cases where grass does grow correctly beneath a tree, its removal may be crucial for a variety of reasons. There are a couple of unique procedures for safely removing the grass from the ground around trees. Reasons to Remove Grass Around Trees While a properly maintained yard and tree can co-exist, there are several arguments favoring a grass-free zone about trees. Grass and trees also have distinct water and fertilization requires, so keeping one well-fed can harm another. Grass removes nutrients from the soil the tree requires for development. Some grasses, such as red fescue and bermudagrass, release chemicals which slow the development of tree roots. Tools such…

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How to Replace the Safety Valve on a Hot Water Heater

Among the a variety of security features built into a modern hot water heater, maybe the most crucial is the pressure and temperature relief valve. Also known as the T & P or TPR valve, this distinctive safety valve is mainly responsible for making sure a warm water heater stays within its intended temperature and pressure limits. If something goes wrong, the valve opens to release excess pressure by means of a discharge line. Replacing a relief valve isn’t a challenging procedure, but maintain your main pipe wrench handy if corrosion on the threads makes the old one difficult to eliminate. Turn the hot water heater control valve to the off position and the temperature dial to its smallest setting. Turn off the water supply to the heater in the valve located on the cold water running into the tank. Instead, switch off the water in the home supply valve….


How to Install Duct Wrap Insulation

A home’s duct work, though sometimes overlooked, is part of a critical system responsible for distributing air throughout the structure so that all rooms stay at a comfortable temperature. Properly sealing and insulating the ducts in your house, particularly where they pass through potentially unconditioned spaces like the attic or basement, is important for avoiding unnecessary energy loss and ensuring that the duct system serves its intended purpose well. Wipe down the ducts so they are dust free, clean and dry. Inspect the ducts carefully for any hole or sections which should be joined together but have split. Fit the joints back together, if necessary, then cover the joints along with any holes with foil tape, butyl tape or a different heat-approved tape. Measure the circumference of the duct and also the length of each part of duct if you’ll have to cut the insulation into smaller lengths to match…


Sewing Instructions for Fitted Bedspreads

A fitted bedspread is just like sewing a part of a box with an open end; it is not hard to sew, as long as you take accurate measurements and keep your seams to 1/2 inch. You can sew a fabric-covered welting cord to the very top seams of the bed to protect it from wear and also add a neat finish. This touch also provides the bedspread a finished, tailored look. Assess the width across the top of the bed from edge to edge, and also write down the measurement. Repeat this step for the amount of the bed, edge to edge. Have a measurement from the top edge down the side of the bed to where you want the bedspread to hang. Insert 1/2 inch to every sewed edge. On the very top, add a total of 1 inch to your bed span, and also add a 1/2…


How to Extend Rafters

The outer ends of a roof’s rafters — the sloped members that give the roof its toss — supply shade, divert rain and make soffit space for attic ventilation. If your roof’s overhang is substandard, you can stretch the rafters to your level, depending on the pitch of the roof. Extending the rafters with the existing roof sheathing in place is doable, but you’ll get better results if you add extensions during a complete reroofing project. Selecting Rafter Length To get a visual idea of what the newest overhang will look like, take a picture of the house from the side, then make a photocopy, and sketch the desired extension in precisely the same angle as the roof pitch. A steep roof extensions will likely angle downward more than the usual low-sloped roof. The more the extensions, the lower the outer ends of the rafters will function, creating mind clearance…

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What Can I Put in a Basket from the Bath for Decoration?

Baskets provide a handy and attractive way to store spare washcloths, a hairdryer and general sundries in the restroom, but there is no need to settle for the only practical. Display one or even several baskets around the room filled with decorative items like glass fishing floats to add a thematic touch to the space, or dependent on the seasons or the look of the room as a whole. A little Glass Fill a wicker basket with vibrant antique glass fishing floats of different sizes, shapes and colours for a sea-inspired screen on a broad countertop or shelf, from the reach of youthful hands. These translucent orbs wash up on some beaches, many separately wrapped in intricate rope. Reproduction models are available at import stores too. Fill a little basket with your set of colorful sea glass that has additionally washed ashore. Place a folded sand-colored hand towel in the…