Elements of a Modern Exterior Entry

We all wish for great curb appeal, whether to make visitors feel welcome or increasing our real estate value when we are ready to sell. Wonder what it takes to present your so-so outside a contemporary touch? Here are some design elements.

Blasen Landscape Architecture

1. Slats and grey exteriors. The warm wood coupled with the neutral grey is winning hearts. It does not take much to swap out a normal gate for a wood-clad version with horizontal slats and decorate your outside. A game of hide and show is created, especially if there is some spacing between the wood slats. Aren’t you dying to learn what is behind that gate?

Ziger/Snead Architects

More wood slats, now used to create a semi-private display in front door enclosure. Depending on how you space the slats, they offer a world of design options from private to semi-private screens, dividers, enclosures, and more.

Overhangs create an inviting approach to the front door. This bare and imposing plaster wall is humanized from the smaller-scaled wood overhang and warm lighting.

Thomas Shafer Architects LLC

A tiled oversize overhang divides the harshness of the outside stone wall with a lovely wood ceiling directing us into the massive wood door. Talk about dramatic effect.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Suspended overhangs include an otherwise straightforward facade and an note. Frosted glass and metal wires frame the blue front door for an interestingly fresh entry.


Combining a green door with a green-tinted frosted glass suspended overhang is a little touch that makes a huge impact on how contemporary this very simple entry reads.

Concrete planters. Even conventional homes can integrate modern touches into the entrance as long as it is done right. The poured concrete planters are lush and overflowing and seem just right at the ascent to the traditional family home.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Meeting place. Another invention in warmer climates is the creation of loungy built-in place in the approach to the front entrance. It’s a contemporary spin on the conventional front porch as a stage for social interaction with the neighborhood. Long benches, plush cushions, and even a fire pit maximize the actual estate in front entrance.

Milano Doors

Milano-12C1 contemporary outside door by Milano Doors. – $2,750

An excellent modern door. And also to style your contemporary own custom front door, have a look at the selections like this one from Milano Doors.


Cool amounts. Even in the event that you do nothing else, just updating your home numbers will create your outside look much more current.

You do not even have to have a home with an outside to upgrade your address number. Painting the amounts in a contemporary font on front door of an apartment is going to do, too.


Grass Amounts – $80

Including a touch green is an initial and stylish idea.

Atlas Homewares

Avalon Modern House Numbers – $9.30

Brick, architectural, Art Deco-style home numbers is reminiscent of the greats: Neutra, Wright, Corbusier.

Modern House Numbers – $38

Retro-style earthy ceramic house numbers add a vibrant, lively look.

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