Budgeting Your Project

Mineral Rights Leasing Tips

Often, when a business wishes to extract minerals, such as oil, gas or coal, by a piece of land, they’ll, rather than purchase the property outright, lease from its owner the land’s mineral rights. This provides the firm with all the right to harvest specific kinds of minerals in the land for a predetermined period of time. Though mineral rights can be a lucrative source of revenue, landowners must keep in mind several important hints before signing a rental. Take Your Time Though mineral rights leasing holds out the allure of fast money, from the beginning you must bear in mind that the process of settling with regards to the lease can last a very long time, up to several years. Oil and gas companies generally have time lines for projects, often measuring in the years. Try not to be impatient and do not be hasty in signing anything. Field…

Budgeting Your Project

How Do You Sell Your House After Performing a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage will help a elderly homeowner pay bills or make repairs. A reverse mortgage is a loan taken out against a home’s equity, or part of the home’s value free of additional liens. Reverse mortgages are available only to borrowers ages 62 and older. Unlike conventional mortgages, where a large sum is provided to the borrower at once and repaid over time, reverse mortgages possess the lender paying the borrower a predetermined amount every month until the loan sum is reached. Estimate how much you really owe. The pay structure of a reverse mortgage ensures that you owe no more than what you’ve received on the loan to date, and interest and other fees the lender may charge. Assess your loan documents. Verify the interest and additional fees your lender charges monthly. Start looking for any fees that can be charged if you pay off the loan until…


Unlock the Key to Maintaining Keys in Check

We have all been there: wake up late, scarf down breakfast and quickly head for the door, only to find that those damn auto keys are nowhere in sight. Nothing like a frantic search to ruin! Instead of spending your precious minutes dumping out your handbag or scouring a messy kitchen counter tops, eliminate the guesswork with a go-to key spot close to your front door. Whether you use a tray, a hook or an integrated cubby, these great solutions show you how it’s done. Rakuten Duo Sparrow Key Ring – $24 Your storage may be pretty and functional at the exact same moment. This cute, practical birdhouse will give your keys a suitable home (and looks good next to a front doorway). M.J. Whelan Construction For people who have space for built-ins, your storage options are infinite (lucky you). Although you can install hooks — since the programmer did…


9 Tips to Set Up Your Attic as a Home Office

Homes aren’t always equipped with office area. Sometimes we find ourselves retrofitting a corner in the kitchen or a spot in the hallway for a workspace. This remedy is smart, but it might not offer you the solitude or quiet you want to keep productive. Whether this scenario feels comfortable to you, consider looking north to get a new workplace: The loft might be just the spot. Tucked away in the chaos of the regular, the loft can be transformed to a quaint and tranquil area, perfect for attaining a day’s job. Does just the thought get you motivated? These skilled tips can get your loft transformation. Diederich & Kim Architects Consider obtaining an expert’s opinion. If you are about to change a currently unused area, get the room correctly assessed before taking action. The last thing you want to do is begin a new job before ensuring that everything…

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Guest Picks: Orient Your Space With Wall Maps

I am actually pretty rubbish at geography, but I love maps. There are so many great ones out there that I need to prevent myself from placing one on each wall of the house. Maybe if I did, I’d find out a thing or 2. — Melanie from You Are My Fave Famille Summerbelle World Map – $54.25 The details of this map are fairly fantastic. You’d spot something new each single time you looked at it. Etsy National Parks Checklist Printing on Canvas from Ello There – $95 I have been a fan of this national parks program and think it would be the ideal aim to go to all them! Fine Little Moment Nice Small World Printing – EUR 40 I love the adorable illustrated details on this colorful world map. It offers a different way to look at things. UncommonGoods Scratch Map – $24 This map is…

Traditional Architecture

The Size of Wall Molding

Conventional wall moldings are sized based on taste. There are some guidelines that will help keep your moldings in scale with one another to give it a classically”balanced” look. Most homes feature at least baseboard and window and door casings, while others have as many as four moldings on a single wall, with the inclusion of crown and chair rail. Selecting the right size may greatly impact the visual impact of your own trim. Baseboard Baseboard molding runs across the base of the wall, against the floor. Typical baseboard moldings possess a detail cut across the upper edge, with a cove, or quarter round molding at the bottom edge. Many baseboards have been 1/2 to 1 inch thick and 3 to 8 inches tall. Quantify baseboard size by its relationship to crown and casing. Baseboard is typically taller than casing is wide, and about as tall as the crownmolding. The…

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Are Lawn Auto Oil & Mower Oil Exactly the Same?

In Mediterranean-type climates, mowing the lawn may be a proposition, making lawnmower maintenance a project that is continual. Draining and replacing oil is particularly significant because oil absorbs away the carbon and ash brought on by combustion in the whirlwind of the mower’s little engine. Not all motors use the identical oil. As always, the manual of your mower’s owner should be your guide in selecting what type of oil to put in your machine. Two-Cycle Motors Lawn mowers may be a system that requires a mixture of oil and gas to operate two-cycle motors, or a closed system including an extremely small air-cooled vehicle engine. Two-cycle motors cannot use motor oil. A lightweight oil to lubricate all parts of the engine is required by mixture with petrol. Brands that produce mowers that are two-cycle typically sell oil to their generators. They also specify lightweight oil with designations such as…


Stripping an Oak Fireplace & Staining It Darker

It’s unavoidable that the finish on an oak fireplace may cling to grime and smoke. The finish becomes irreparably cluttered, dries out, cracks and flakes away. As awful as it may seem, It’s not the end of the world. Don’t even think about spending hours using a sanding block in your own hand. It’s not hard to strip oak fireplaces using chemical strippers. With a minimum of sanding, your fireplace is ready for staining and finishing. Never Reduce the List Collect a few supplies and tools before stripping. A drop cloth is on top of the list — you will be creating a mess. Set safety glasses and rubber gloves on the list next. It’s also a good idea to wear long-sleeved shirts and a hat. Insert masking tape for the walls, or anyplace else required to shield areas you don’t need stripped. Get an assortment of paintbrushes for the…

Home Cleaning

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch With Rubbing Alcohol

Durable microfiber couches may take a beating, but as anyone who’s ever spilled a drink about one understands, the material is more prone to watermarks. Cleaning with water or fluid upholstery cleaners might remove dirt, but you are likely to be left with unsightly watermarks. Because rubbing alcohol dries fast, it eliminates dirt without leaving telltale signs. Vacuum the couch with an upholstery attachment to remove loose dirt. Pour 1/2 cup of isopropyl rubbing alcohol to get a spray bottle. Spray a small part of the couch. Spray a white or white dye-free all-natural sponge with sufficient alcohol to dampen it. Scrub the damp section of this couch vigorously. Dry the part with a blow dryer set to low heat. Continue cleaning the couch in small parts, drying each part after scrubbing. Brush the dry microfiber with a nylon-bristled scrub brush to restore the nap of the fabric. See related


Can an Epoxy Floor Finish Be Recoated?

Epoxy floor paint makes a durable, impermeable surface that’s harder than the concrete or wood substrate, but it does not last forever. You can recoat a epoxy finish that has lost its shine or otherwise been damaged, but you’ve got to correctly prepare the brand new epoxy won’t adhere. This preparation must include careful cleaning with a grease-cutting detergent to remove the thin, oily layer that has likely constructed, but might be invisible. That isn’t all, though. In addition, you need to etch the surface to make it tough enough to bond with the brand new finish. Repair chips and holes in the floor. If you use fresh mortar, then allow the repairs to heal for at least 60 days prior to recoating with epoxy. You can also create the repairs using epoxy patching compound, which cures in a matter of days instead of weeks. Mix a way of grease-cutting…