Pest Control

10 Best Pest Control Tips

One thing that’s common in all insects, pests, and animals is that they all need water, food and shelter. Removing any of these from their ecosystem will force them to move on, in search of a more favorable environment. This is the easiest way of pest control Birmingham. It might be difficult for you to do this, considering the environmental conditions, but you can still do one or two things to impede the propagation of pest control services Birmingham.

Here are some useful tips that will help you control pests around your home:

Do Not Stack Materials

Avoid stacking building materials or firewood against your home’s foundation. These become obvious sources of food for insects that feed on or destroy wood. They will also absorb water and act as a shelter for different pests. If you notice any gaps in the foundation, seal them immediately.

Don’t Allow Standing Water To Build Up

There should be no standing water in your compound and old tires should be disposed of.

Make Sure The Foundation Vents Are Working Properly

Ensure your foundation is efficiently and securely ventilated. In case you live in an area that is damp, you can use plastic vapor barriers. These will absorb the moisture in the air and reduce the dampness, making the environment uncomfortable for pests. Be sure to keep your windows and doors tightly closed.

Secure Your Garbage Containers

Garbage containers should be stored as far from the house as possible. Make sure that the containers are latched and secured so there won’t be any space for the pests to get in. You can also hire a garbage removal team to collect garbage from your home frequently.

Inspect Roof Leaks

Spare some time and inspect the gutters, roof, and downspouts. Fix all possible leaks and ensure that the fixtures are in good condition. If you have splash pipes and blocks, they should channel water far from the foundation.

Prune All Your Trees

The plants in your compound can harbor all kinds of pest control in Birmingham. To make them safe, trim the bushes to a foot off the garage, porch or exterior wall. Any trees in the compound should be pruned a few feet from the roofline. If you are keeping some bushes, have them shaped in such a way that the air flows freely at the bottom, close to the foundation, or any structure around it.

Install A French Drain

Exterior grades are usually higher than the crawl spaces. This is to allow for easy water passage. You should make sure that no water is collecting around or near the foundation. Where necessary, have a French drain installed, or simply make sure the external drainage is working well.

Clean Any Food Debris

After preparing food, clean the food preparation area immediately. Pans, pots, and dishes used must be cleaned and stored away. For storage, keep food in the respective containers, refrigerator or plastic containers. Use air-tight containers if possible.

Don’t Expose Pet Food

A lot of people keep pets. Do not leave their food exposed. You should also train your pet for specific meal times. After their meal time, clean the eating area and store the food away from sight. In case you have feeders like squirrels and wild birds, you can remove the feeders for a few days. When they cannot find food, the pests will eventually move on.

Get Professional Support

In case all the tips above fail, get in touch with an expert. Make sure they have the proper certification in wildlife and Birmingham pest control. They will inspect your premises and provide relevant recommendations on how to handle your pest problem.