5 Tips for Heating your Home in the Fall

Now that winter has come, you should learn some useful tips for proper heating in your home. These tips will not just help you spend less on energy bills, but will also protect your home. Many homeowners waste a lot of money and energy on improper electrician Tucson methods.

The following are some tips that you have to keep in mind so you don’t spend more than you should on heating.

Careful from the Carbon Monoxide

Every season, you should hire an expert to inspect your heating system and make sure it is not leaking carbon monoxide. The biggest challenge with carbon monoxide is that it has no scent, odor or color. In most cases, you cannot detect it until things get out of hand. Given that the CDC reports at least 400 deaths related to carbon monoxide poisoning each year, you must be very careful about this issue.
Don’t Ignore the Air Filter

The air filter should be changed every month. It is a very easy process. Once the filter soaks up a lot of dirt, your heating system has to work twice as hard, or more, to be efficient because of the congestion. This is one of the reasons why electricians Tucson bills keep rising each month. A blocked air filter will also damage your heating system.

The Department of Energy estimates an average household energy bill of slightly over $2,000 a year. With a clean filter each month, you are looking at savings of between 5% and 15%. Assuming you have an asthmatic individual in the house or anyone with allergies, dirty air filters will make life difficult for them too, so this goes beyond just the energy consumption concern.

Seal Your Windows and Doors

If you don’t have proper seals around the doors and windows, a cold draft will always seep into your house. You can buy weather stripping and seal these sections. This is important because it will not just help you prevent draft, but will also protect your heating system from being overworked.

During the summer and winter season, the easiest and most affordable way of energy conservation is the effective use of caulking and weather stripping. Without them, you can experience up to 15% increase in your energy bills. This will also affect the efficiency of the air conditioning in your home.

Tune Up Your HVAC System

We demand a lot from our HVAC systems but barely pay attention to them, or their condition. You spend thousands of dollars when installing a new HVAC system. But you should also get an expert to inspect your HVAC system and make sure it is functioning properly. This is a good way to prolong its life, and also save you from unnecessary spending on energy bills.

Pay Attention to the Thermostat

Make sure you have a programmable thermostat. This way, you can set different temperatures for the day and evening, minimizing on consumption especially when people are away from the house during the day.

The HVAC contractor will also inspect the Tucson electrician thermostat to make sure it’s properly calibrated and running smoothly. You should make sure the thermostat is installed away from the sources of heating or cooling.