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A Steam Rug Cleaner vs. a Spray Foam

Cleaning carpets is a huge chore, with various methods available to help you get the task finished. Steam rug cleaners and spray foam cleaners are the two main possibilities, each with its own benefits.

Suck It Up

Steam cleaners are the most effective way of cleaning carpets. The cleaners inject a cleaning solution mixed in warm water to the carpet fibers, then eliminate as much of the water as you possibly can using a vacuum. The solution can reach deeper into the fibers compared to foam cleaners, which makes it the ideal alternative for deep stains and built-in dirt.

Spray It Away

Spray foam cleaners are sprayed directly into the carpet and worked in with a brush before vacuuming with a typical vacuum cleaner. Chemicals added to foam cleaners help prevent future stains and smells, brighten fiber colours and accelerate the time it takes for your carpet to dry. However, these chemicals can introduce toxins into your home, and they stay on the carpet fibers for months or weeks.

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