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'Dinner at Tiffany's' Design Wins People's Choice Award

Although the fictional Holly Golightly dwelt in a tiny New York apartment, that this fantasy dining area could have suited her just fine. Made for October’s Serving Up Style 2012 fundraising event in Portland, Oregon, this staged exhibition space beat out 19 additional dining rooms to acquire the People’s Choice Award. Working with a tight deadline and budget, Urban I.D. Interior Design Services designed this glamorous Holly Golightly–inspired dining area dependent on the trademark blue-green colour of Tiffany’s boxes.

Urban I.D. Interior Design Services

The design team wanted to create an elegant area that hauled Breakfast at Tiffany’s but still felt livable. They utilized beautiful furniture given by Parker Furniture to come up with a creative layout that felt comfy but open.

Wall paint: Green Bay, Emerald Collection, Sherwin-Williams; rug: designer’s own

Urban I.D. Interior Design Services

Cheap furniture and accessories (such as the rug, ottomans and mirrors) combine with heirloom-type bits (such as the dining table, chairs and chandelier) for a reachable but elegant look. “It’s simple to have a gorgeous room on an infinite budget,” says Urban I.D. designer Laura Evans. “But the designers in Urban I.D. can get creative with high-quality, less costly pieces as well.”

Starburst mirror, table: Baker; chairs: Barbara Barry by Baker

Urban I.D. Interior Design Services

The group placed a stuffed orange tabby — much like Holly Golightly’s kitty, “Cat” — as a lively touch on one of the side chairs. A mirrored side table retains champagne, ready for a celebratory toast.

Each of the designers in Serving Up Style had a short time period. After spending about a week building the walls offsite, having drapes upholstery and made fabricated, Urban I.D. needed a matter of days to pull everything together. “We had builders and designers working together with each other for two days to try and get everything done in time,” states Evans.

Curtain cloth: Robert Allen Fabrics; cherry cupboard: Stanley

Urban I.D. Interior Design Services

Behind the table setting, a massive photograph of Holly Golightly peers into the area. Each place setting has its own Tiffany box, complete with jeweled trinkets and treasures.

“Most everyone has personal treasures they wish to incorporate in the redesign of a room,” says Evans. “We tried to show it’s possible to combine those treasures with fresh bits for a gorgeous end result.”

Urban I.D. Interior Design Services

Some of the hardworking team members (left to right): general builder Chris Setser from Surface Brokers and Laura Evans, Lori Brock and Gloria Centurion from Urban I.D. Interior Design Services.

Chandelier: Fine Art

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