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Engage the 5 Senses for Decorating Appeal

Have you ever thought about your favorite room in your house? Does it relax you, wake up you or make you feel contemplative? A thoughtfully designed room can have a calming effect, stimulate memory or refresh us. Chances are that your favorite room exudes positive emotions by appealing to one or more of the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch or smell.

Maintaining these perceptions in mind is not difficult or even expensive once you’re placing a room together. It is just simply part of the specifics of an area. These details could be contained in the smallest of rooms or produce the scale of a large room feel human. I always attempt to keep these five senses in mind when designing a room for somebody else, a key step in making this room feel more personal. Below are a few tricks for designing your rooms with all these five senses in mind.

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Mix it up! I can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t be afraid to mix designs, patterns and colors. I really like this room, a visual masterpiece with each the different elements. This truly arouses my eyes.

Hint: just a little bit of zebra pattern will wake up even the most sleepy eyes.

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Arrange your seating to catch a view. When looking in the vacant room, first identify the ideal view. Position the furniture or a portion of the furniture to underline the sights outdoors or some great feature within the room, such as a fireplace.

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When setting furniture, remember proximity to a window. Simple accessibility to soothing noises from outside can truly improve a room.


In the landscape, try to incorporate a water component. Small fountains are easy to incorporate and will create a soothing noise you can enjoy both outside and inside, through a window.

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Appeal to the sense of taste with appetite-inducing red or orange at the kitchen or dining room. Even only a vibrant red accent wall at a dining area is going to do just fine.

Watch when to use red from the kitchen

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Make room for dining accessories. Keep plates and flatware in full view arranged artfully in your countertops. This appearance is not to be confused with cluttered countertops; keep arrangements tidy and include fresh fruit. Here is a chance to use a decorative bowl or favorite kitchen attachment which would otherwise accumulate dust from the pantry.


Lavender is a superb fragrant plant that could easily be included in tiny doses in almost any room. I love this fragrant plant from both its live and dehydrated forms. Other fragrant plants include mint and rosemary.


If it works where you reside, organize your furniture beside a open window. The smells that come from only plain fresh air are extremely calming. If you have a blossom shrub or vegetable garden outdoors, an open window will permit these scents into your home.

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Look around your room and see whether there is any little region that can be textured. Adding wallpaper or a painted faux finish will enhance the textural experience of a room. Use materials that are interested and force you to believe, “I wonder what that feels like”

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Contrast textures at a sitting area. Sofas and chairs that are soft to the touch are enjoyable to sit on. Consider soft fabrics such as cotton, silk, silk velvet and brushed linen. Length of textures with tables and rugs will spark your interest and make you want to touch every component.

Tell us Can you decorate with the five senses in mind?

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