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Fantastic Design Plant: Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine

In search of a plant that is perfect? Try sweet potato vine, that comes in a deep, dark green or a bright and lively lime. It can complement a cottage garden, brighten up a contemporary planting or put in a little filler to any blank spot in the lawn or container. Read on for just a few tips for using sweet potato vine to the very best advantage.

Botanical name: Ipomoea batatas
Shared name: Ornamental sweet potato vine
USDA zones: 9-11 (find your zone)
Water necessity: Moderate
Light requirement: Full to partial sun
Mature size: 18 inches to 6 feet
Advantages and tolerances: Vigorous expansion; handles some shade; ideal for pots
Seasonal interest: Adds bulk to plantings from spring through summer
When to plant: Mid-spring or after the last frost

Murphy & Co.. Layout

Whether it tumbles off the top of a rock wall or climbs a wooden pergola, sweet potato blossom adds vertical appeal to any backyard.

Landscape Architects, Anne F Walters Company

Need to cover a wallsocket? Try sweet potato vine. A relative of the ‘Morning Glory’ blossom, sweet potato vine can cover a wall in one year.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Use this growth to your advantage. Try planting ornamental sweet potato blossom alongside perennial climbers like grapevines or clematis. The sweet potato blossom will fill in the area this year, while the majority of climbers require several years to fill out their own arbor or pergola.

MB Build & Design

There are not many plants that can transition from slick, contemporary settings to kitschy cottages, however sweet potato blossom can. It fits into this contemporary chairs area seamlessly.

TEA2 Architects

One of the traditional techniques to utilize potato vine is as a filler in baskets. It is a great draper and can take care of the colour of a front porch or hanging basket.

Glenna Partridge Garden Design

Ornamental sweet potato blossom is also ideal for covering the “bare knees” of potted plants like canna lily (pictured) or elephant ear (next).

Use the bright lime variety ‘Margarita’ to add an extra punch of colour and vibrancy to your potted plants.


The exact same lime green can really liven up an evergreen bed and soften the borders of your hardscaping.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

Whether a sweet potato vine is planted in a kettle, a box, a bed or a bin, then it is going to grow aggressively and provide a lot of bang for just a few bucks. Use it as a filler for arbors and pergolas, a draper for entryway baskets or simply as a boost for your evergreen beds. Can this chameleon work any harder?

How can you use ornamental sweet potato vine in your backyard? Show us your photos below!

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