Guest Groups: Marching to a Different Drum Shade

This month, I thought I’d share a bit behind the scenes of what happens in a designer’s workplace. I spent a few days scouting for a drum shade chandelier, but not just any pixel color; this option needed to be unique. The requirements were that it needed to get a silver option and be somewhat dimensional, along with having a cloth shade. As you will see I fell in and out of love many times before I found the perfect marriage! –Julieann out of Jace Interiors and CreateGirl blog

Kate Jackson Design

This is a great example of a clean and classic drum shade chandelier — it’s simply perfect in this setting! For my client’s house, we needed an option in her kitchen that had measurement using a WOW factor since it would be the piece that draws you into the space.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Jamie Young Co.. Drum Pendant – $242

That is what we understand as the ever-popular fabric drum shade. I started here because I loved the textured and easy chocolate banding. This light is one that could be moved from room to room over time!

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Glass Ball Chandelier – $350

The crystal balls and traditional cream colour of this chandelier add a bit of elegance, but it was not casual enough for this particular space.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Perfect Pleat Pendant – $1,050

The pleats on this drum colour make for a subtle bit of interest and it has the casual look we’re going for! It is a fantastic option and an affordable price point!

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Broomfield Small Pendant – $1,323

Currently this drum shade I have fallen in love with! It’s from the new coming collection of Ralph Lauren. The leather straps and trim along with the hook accent are excellent! Casual, unique, and offered in a small and large dimensions — this goes right to the very top of my list.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Three-Light Large Chrome Pendant

Now it’s time to focus on the dimensional variable I was seeking for this distance. The chrome feel is quite attractive and this is the ideal size for the space, but I wonder if the finish is somewhat harsh within a dark wood dining table.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Anastasia Polished Nickel Four Light Pendant – $286.20

The polished nickel and the 18″ diameter dimensions could get the job done. 1 piece of constant steel is what produces this intriguing oval design!

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Zarah 5-Light Pendant in Polished Nickel

ELK Lighting’s Zarah Chandelier is beautiful and would certainly light the entire kitchen with five 60-watt bulbs!


“Geometric” Pendant Lights – $495

The fretwork on this light is simply magnificent, particularly with the fabric linen background. It adds interest to the fixture but also feels a little more casual for a kitchen setting.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Allegretto 787540 Drum Pendant – $3,648

Fine Art Lamps makes a number of their most amazing chandeliers, and this has risen to #2 on our scouting list. It’s offered in two finishes: Burnished Gold Leaf or Platinized Silver Leaf, both using a linen shade.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Basket Drum Pendant – $1,096

How fantastic is this basket drum shade? I love the interlocking pieces of veneer, and Dform has made it easy to fit into almost any style space by offering an array of finishes!

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Mythic Three Light Merlot Bronze Drum Pendant – $696

Heads up, we’re just about to see far more basket weave on all home decor accents. This mix of bamboo and drum shade would work flawlessly in many rooms! We might consider this for the workplace rather than the kitchen.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Pucci Drum Pendant – $1,150

This is a different take on the interlocking timber veneer drum shade! The flowing nature of this Pucci includes a bit of a retro feel, and I can see it fitting nicely into a mid-century style room.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Golden Bronze Criss-Cross 19 3/4″ Wide Pendant Light – $299.99

Now we’re getting somewhere! As soon as I came across this stunning piece I was reinvigorated! The combination of cloth, metal, and small crystals is quite attractive and would easily draw you into the kitchen from the hallway.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Arabesque Drum Pendant – $539.99

The arabesque blossom treatment makes this drum colour very soft — perfect for a more feminine space.

Jayson Home

Serena Drum Chandelier – $2,995

The capiz shell chandelier has taken the typical drum shade to a new level. The complex craftsmanship and tonal changes have made it incredibly popular throughout the past couple of years.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Lucia Drum Pendant – $524.99

Wow. This is glamorous! The crystals are so pretty and I envision when the light hits them, it’s like glowing moonlight.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Allegretto 780340 Drum Pendant – $8,148

So here we’re at the end of our hunt, and also this Allegretto Drum Shade is the only I have fallen hard for. It creates the perfect WOW factor and using its inside and outside lattice work it’s absolutely magnificent! Sadly, at $8,000, it’s far beyond of our funding.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Portobello Road Drum Pendant – $2,460

At the conclusion of the day, this is the option I introduced to my client, which she consented is the best chandelier for our distance. Both from the standing and sitting positions, there’s actual interest in the style of this chandelier. The 24″ size is perfect, it’s offered in a platinized silver leaf and has a ivory crepe colour — the perfect marriage of our requirements!

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