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Guest Groups: Relaxing Holiday Gift Wrapping

After the (let’s call it what it is) anxiety of buying holiday gifts, I really look forward to the time when I could sit down and wrapping them. With lovely newspaper in hand, I tape and garnish with beautiful ribbon or twine. Taking my time, I relax into the task. That is when I feel that the joy of the season upon me. Justine from Design Skool

Angela Liguori

Pikku’s wrap paper is a new holiday tradition of mine.

Angela Liguori

Wrapped Cotton – $8

Angela Liguori of Studio Carta imports this odd and beautiful string-wrapped cotton ribbon from Italy.

Angela Liguori

Tight Weave Cotton Ribbon – $10

In loose or tight weave, Studio Carta’s Italian cotton ribbon is offered in a plethora of colors.


Julmys Gift Bags – $2.99

Every year before the holidays, I go to Ikea for a few basic, cheap wrapping. This year’s favorites are these retro Santa bags. They’re great for party favors, Christmas candy or small gifts.

Olive Manna

Twist Ties – $3.50

Olive Manna’s festive twist ties are great for a fast closure, in addition to a myriad of other craft projects.


Etoile Velvet Ribbon, Wide, Chartreuse – $12

This holiday season, try a little chartreuse instead of evergreen. It is a brand new twist on an old theme.


Pikku Ribbon + Paddle – $13

Produced in collaboration with Angela Languori, Pikku’s cotton ribbon includes a wooden paddle that is hand-carved in Vermont.


Witty and cute, Anthropologie’s pom-pom newspaper will put a smile on even the largest Grinch’s face.

Olive Manna

Outdated Shipping Tags – $6

Great for your holidays, or any time of year, Olive Manna’s aged tags possess a vintage appeal that’s completely modern.


Gold Leaves Cord by Dreams & Candies – $3.45

Just a little bling, particularly these merry gold leaves, makes everyone happy.


Jeans-Blue Paper Twine on Old Small Wooden Bobbin by Paper Phine – EUR 13.95

This season I’m going with a little blue twine. It is so pretty with either gold or silver.


For DIY wrapping, my favorite is good ol’ kraft paper. A very simple gold tree or star stamp makes yards of festive holiday paper.

nonesuch things

Washi Paper Snowflakes – GBP 10

Serene and simply lovely (similar to the real thing), snowflakes made from Japanese washi paper are a simple way to adorn a package. I use only one off center, then maybe add a sprig of evergreen.


Berries & Weeds Stamp Set by Ink + Wit – $22

Graceful berry and bud stamps from Tara Hogan of Ink + Wit will also be great for DIY wrap and cards.


Silver Christmas Cord by Dreams & Candies – $3

Mimicking frosted pine needles, Dream & Candies’ silver cord provides a delicate touch.


A new favorite, Paper and Current (get it?) Has many midcentury-inspired designs.


Sakura Blister Card Pentouch Metallic Ink Marker, Extra-Fine Point – $3.49

I frequently eschew present tags in favor of simply writing “To” and “From” directly on the wrap paper. Whether you do so or not, your note is most festive composed in metallic gold and silver ink. I prefer a fine point.


Pretty Brown Polka Dots Stripes Pattern Japanese Masking Tape by Pretty Tape – $15

Japanese washi tape is very good for your entire holiday craft ideas, such as wrappings. Crisscross it or make a tree, star or alternative layout. It is especially handy for gifts that will need to be shipped.


Gold Glitter Twine, Black – $16

I really like black swirls together with gold. This adds just a hint of noir into the holidays.


Made with a vintage letterpress theme, Viva Greetings’ newspaper in coral is a contemporary take on wrappings.

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