HARLEQUIN: It is maybe not Merely for Clowns Anymore

Harlequin routines originated on the phase that was Italian. Clownlike jesters and servants were marked by their bright-coloured diamond-design getups.

Because then, harlequin has come quite a distance, and is consistently a lovely classic option for flooring. Recall how breathless the lobby was at the ending of “The Cash Pit”? That picture was put in my own layout brain since. Incidentally, in the event you’ve not seen “The Cash Pit” in awhile, I extremely urge a r e-screening. It’s utterly hilarious, particularly that mouse trap-impact scene where every thing comes like dominoes. Additionally, who could forget Tom Hanks wrapped to be a burrito in a carpet, put in a hole in the ground and hanging down to the parlour under?

The greatest harlequin welcome. This breathless anteroom reminds me of the one in “The Cash Pit.”

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Here the harlequin is an inferior-scale hall runner.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Everyday harlequin.

Jerry Jacobs Style, Inc.

Becker Architects Limited

James Hill Architect, AIA

Here looks are served by a harlequin flooring like a rug at the center of the hard woods.

Tomar Lampert Associates

This space reminds me of the Alice In Wonderland “Do Not Come Around Here No More” Tom Petty movie – it is a a trippy pop area, with the harlequin straightened out in to straight checker board.


Allison Cosmos