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How to Install Metal Base Plates on Wood Doors

Metal base discs shield the base of the doorway from harm. These plates are situated on the push side. You can even apply these discs to cover damage on the doorway up. They provide an improvement into the allure of your home’s entryway. Wash the door thoroughly so the door does not start after installation to rust behind the base plate and seal any exposed timber.

Measure the foundation plate’s width and the width of the doorway. Subtract the base plate dimension. Divide the remaining amount by 2. For example, a door measuring 36 inches plus a plate measuring 32 inches has a difference of 4 inches, requiring a space on either side of the base plate so it’s centered.

Measure up by 1 inch from the base of the doorway. Mark this place with chalk. Quantify on either side of the doorway by the amount determined and mark the place .

Hold the base plate against the doorway, lining edges and the bottom up using all the chalk lines. Mark the screw holes in each corner on the doorway with a pen.

Set the base plate. Drill a pilot hole at each pencil mark by means of a drill bit one size smaller than the screws included with the base plate hardware.

Place the base plate in place on the door, lining up the screw holes on the plate with all the pilot holes on the doorway.

Screw the base plate into the doorway, employing the pilot holes to start the screws.

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