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International Textile Icons: Batik

Beloved for their daring patterns by tastemakers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Jonathan Adler and Nate Berkus (and seen all within their spring decoration sets), batik fabrics discuss the cultural textile trifecta with ikats and suzanis. Batik originated in Java, Indonesia, spreading and morphing in design as it reached other countries like India, Malaysia, China and parts of Africa. Even though the designs and application techniques have changed and modernized to integrate block-printed batiks for mass production, the wax-resist way of producing batik cloth has more or less remained the same: Melted wax is painted onto cloth, after which the cloth is dyed, with the components covered in wax resisting the dyes.

Because of Indonesia’s important role in global tourism and the prevalence of cultural fabrics in the design world, various iterations of batik cloth have made their way in North America, including unmistakable splashes of pattern, texture and color to house interiors.

Conventional Bed Pillows

Diane von Furstenberg’s gorgeous batik floral beddings are appropriate for royalty — and background backs that up. The very first batik wearers were members of Indonesian royalty and the aristocracy; designs not only revealed one’s social class, but regional provenance too.


If you’d like to upgrade your bedroom with a couple spring pieces, invest in luxurious batik-inspired bedding, which requires a space from winter to spring amazing in minutes. Though not as intricate or delicate since Indonesian hand-drawn batik, this John Robshaw block-printed set inspired by his travels in India reveals how your bedding can be a vibrant, painterly canvas.

Concentric Dots Napkins – $16

“Batik” is believed to be a derivative of the Malay term ambatik, significance “a fabric with small dots.” These napkins are a literal interpretation.

Tip: The dotted concentric pattern on these table napkins is too gorgeous to conceal using a napkin ring or a intricate fold. Leave every napkin as revealed: apartment on the surface and folded in half for a backdrop which makes the easiest silverware look elegant.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

This house office and fitness center does not need its precious wall space littered with art, thus a batik setup happens to the ceiling.

COSHNEANU design studio

Here, batik floor-to-ceiling panels add character and worldwide charm to a trendy contemporary bedroom. The panels don’t overwhelm the space, since the fabrics are in the exact same color family as the rest of the room.

Madison Modern Home

If you have obtained a delicate or expensive item of batik which you’d like to protect, don’t use it like a cushion cover — display it as art. Here, a modern classic living room vignette instantly goes worldwide with batik throws and a framed batik elephant.

Divine NY & Co..

Batik Printed Pillows – $68

Add a whimsical touch into a darkened space by throwing together a few batik-covered cushions in complementary colors and replicating designs.

The more impartial and plain the sofa, the more fun you’ll have mixing cushion patterns. Just throw a few collectively and be done with that.


“Batik blue” has its name from the earliest color used in traditional batik making; the color was produced from the leaves of the indigo plant.

All these batik blue pillows would add an elegant and soothing touch to a dreamy white couch; they would also look great in a space inspired by the sea.

Lexington Home Brands

Batik upholstery on a wingback chair is a game made in design paradise. The imperial quality, background and absolute surface area of the wingback easily brings out the intricate patterns of the batik fabric.

Home Decor HSN

Nate Berkus Batik Fabric Tray – $39.95

In the market for a daring, on-trend catchall or tray that is not in the neon household? Elect for this rich, eye-catching mauve batik tray, which can corral things in the entryway or hold a journal and a few delicate pieces on your bedside table.

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler Batik Zebra Dinner Plate – $12

A perfect match for the fearless host, Jonathan Adler’s batik-inspired dinner plate would look equally great at a Palm Beach or Southern California house.

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