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Regardless of the occasion, the kitchen has become the most popular place to convene in a house. Whether it’s a Sunday morning flipping a Saturday-evening soiree with the neighbors, then it is probably ample time will be spent catching up at kitchen. While people will happily park it on bar stools to participate in this action, think about creating a more comfortable space for sitting : the kitchen lounge.

Component breakfast nook and part living area, kitchen lounges are spaces directly off the kitchen furnished with sofas or cozy chairs. They are great for reading the morning newspaper or keeping business with the cook at hand.


Developing a kitchen lounge can be as simple as adding two armchairs off the kitchenas in this case. It ends in an inviting, comfortable space where guests or relatives may relax and feel at ease.

RTA Studio Residential Architects

Two armchairs followed with a small table and a lamp create the ideal place for catching up in your favourite book while (hopefully) someone else does the cooking.

HBF plus Design

A sectional couch in the corner of this kitchen allows one enjoy the view while being part of the kitchen hustle and bustle.

Olga Adler

If you have a slightly awkward corner or some place in your kitchen you can’t figure out, consider outfitting it with a small couch. Suddenly the once-funky place becomes functional and comfy, particularly with the inclusion of a small table for drinks, books or a lamp.

Isler Homes

It is notoriously tricky sneaking seats to a galley kitchen, however a kitchen lounge might be just the solution. A couch, table and chair in the conclusion of this kitchen give the entire space a welcoming appeal and offer an unexpected touch.

Ken Levenson Architect P.C.

This kitchen’s addition is probably too narrow for a normal dining table and chairs. However, it is the ideal size for a comfy kitchen lounge.

Texas Construction Company

Another consideration is swapping the dining table for a kitchen lounge. In a bigger space similar to this one, typically you’d see a large dining table at which the armchairs are. However, I guarantee four cozy armchairs will get much more use than a formal dining table.

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

Here is another example of a kitchen lounge rather than a dining table. Ottomans with sturdy, flat surfaces offer a place for appetizer plates throughout a party.

BAAN layout

If you prefer the concept of a kitchen lounge but still wish to incorporate a normal dining table, just split the space so you’re able to reach both. Instead of a large dining table, find a more compact version and furnish another half of this room with a couch or chairs.

Gast Architects

Remember: You do not need a ton of bits to create an ample kitchen lounge. If you’re tight on space, you can easily reach both a dining room and a kitchen lounge with the easy addition of two chairs.

Mc Adam Kitchens

For a simple kitchen lounge that doubles as storage, then think about a built-in window seat. This provides comfortable chairs and a place where you are able to hide wayward items.

CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc..

Here is another example of a kitchen lounge accomplished by means of a window seat. Such a comfy place!

Inform us Can you consider a kitchen lounge? Do you presently have a place for lounging in your kitchen? Please add to these ideas with your photo below.

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