Precedents in Architecture: In the Convention of the Greats…

About studying to be almost any designer an enormous part is studying background and precedent, across ages, genres, theories and subjects. Occasionally when I will be cruising around Houzz I can catch a glimpse of the impact upon the layout.

I could be completely off. A few of what exactly I will be likely to say may get the architects chuckle or believe I am an idiot, but hey, it is my ideabook, right? 😉 Please feel free to school me in the remarks section!

Mark Dziewulski Architect

The view from Mies van de Rohe’s Farnsworth Home. Incidentally, being in the flood plain has offered them some difficulty, to assist using a contribution visit farnsworthhouse.org.

This jogs my memory of the perform of Dan Kiley in The Miller Residence.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park Prairie Type. Upon really reading about it, it had been initially designed by among the trainees of FLW, and certainly, the company who helped with restoration did a wonderful job of valuing the residence’s background.


This home cries Palm Springs Alexander to me.

Hammer Architects

This home has a touch of Michael Graves inside.

I see some Julius Shulman photography sway, especially the way he photographed the Kauffman home, a small Neutra, and additionally somewhat Corbusier.

Roger Hirsch Architect

I I can not place my finger on whose work I am reminded by this of, therefore I am only going to say Philip Johnson’s Glass Home.

Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute – in images and architecture. I consider the precedent for Mr. Kahn was Thomas Jefferson’s aweinspiring College of Virginia program.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

There is a Sea Ranch sensibility to siting as well as the design of the building.

Landon Bone Baker Architects

This residence – if it were an architecture college job, I Would say somebody cutup Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie Woogie” and created a collage in program and part – in an excellent manner!

Garrison Architects

Cantilevers like Rem Koolhaas’s Villa Dall’ava.

Martin Hewitt

A POMO sprint of Robert Venturi’s Mom’s Home.