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Quick Fix: Protect Your Mirrors!

If you are like me, you often decorate your house without thinking about afterwards, when you might have to remove something. My walls are littered with nail holes, my doors will have holes from the coat hooks I screwed to them — and do not get me started on the mirror on my closet door.

Removing a wall mirror can be tricky. If you’ve implemented anything sticky to keep it there, then chances are you will get a cracked or broken mirror from yanking it off the wall. I know this from experience.

Michelle Turner and Brian Rigney of By Design Custom Remodeling at Maui, Hawaii suggested this clever trick to keep your looking glass undamaged via a move.

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When installing your mirror, Turner and Rigney suggest putting glue carpet protector on the back of the mirror.

This sticky plastic movie is usually used to keep carpeting clean and damage free through a remodel, paint job, or even to protect regions with especially heavy traffic. It is extremely durable but also easy to apply and cut to size.


Simply have a set of heavy duty scissors and cut out a piece of self-adhesive rug protector to the size of the backing of the mirror you are installing on the wall. This thick vinyl will reduce breakage when you are trying to eliminate the mirror afterwards.

Keep some around to your carpets, too

“Carpet protector is a great product in general, which we use pretty frequently,” says Turner. “It is much better for shielding carpets than a tarp, as it clogs dust and spills.” Just be careful to not leave a glue carpet protector on your carpet for too long to prevent any sticky residue (check the package for the period rating).

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