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Send from the Dogs

Anyone who has a dog for very long knows that they offer daily reminders about devotion, patience and love, and can lift our mood with a look and a wag.

Designers, architects, contractors and DIYers: We would really like to see just how your dogs make your home a house or keep you company in the workshop or on the job. We wish to meet them!

Please place your best portrait of your dog from the Comments section below. We’ll be featuring some of the greatest photographs in an upcoming story for the homepage.

Update: Watch the follow-up feature and add more photos here!

Theresa Fine

Ty the Chihuahua of Milton, Massachusetts, sits at his place on the living room sofa wearing a gentlemanly sweater.

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Corynne Pless

Bailey the Yorkie guards the best chair in this farmhouse-style home in Georgia.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Just like homes, no two (or four) dogs are alike, and even the tiniest dog can have big shoes to match.

Granite Grannies

Lina, a vizsla, joins Granite Grannies owner Lori Hethmon at the office every day. “The chair she’s in is HER chair,” Hethmon says. “I love having her around.”

Aristea Rizakos

Your turn: Catch your best photo of your dog in your work or home and place it to the Comments section below. Contain your pet’s name, your town and the way he or she helps you out.

Update: Watch the follow-up feature and add more photos here!

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