Set Your Set on Display

Collections are wonderful ways to express your own personality. Do you have treasures you would like to display, but don’t have any clue how to begin? Most probably your collection already has a cluttered subject, shape or substance. The next step is to select your favorites, curating those that appear to move together. It’s not necessary to show everything you have. Perhaps you will wish to rotate your items and and make a new exhibit periodically. Let’s look at some methods to produce a pleasant screen, and where to flaunt it.

S Interior Design

About the wall. Here is fantastic way to fill that empty space above the sofa. This guitar collector has created eye-catching wall artwork with these beauties. The staggered structure is pleasing to the eye.


Covering an whole wall produces a statement. Framed art looks cheerful and vibrant in this playroom. This would be a sensible means to display your children’s artwork, and they’ll beam with pride to see their work showcased such a manner.

Between Naps on the Porch

Going up the staircase. Vintage framed mirrors and photographs cover a wall top upstairs. This enchanting mix of mirrors and photographs has a few wall mounted corbels for added interest.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Furniture surfaces. Any fresh furniture surface could work for your own collection. This chest features an assortment of clocks that are old. The larger ones are towards the back so that they do not block the smaller ones. Notice this collector awakens into some black figurines that tie into the art work above.

Studio Marcelo Brito

Looks like the home of a collector! What caught my eye is the set of three model sailboats — the minimum number of objects to make a set — on this console table. The table raises them up just high enough to be visible everywhere in the living area.

Tip: Utilize an odd number of objects and vary the peaks for a fine display.

The Locker

This set of world globes has a place of importance on top of a bookcase. The colours and heights are varied and the globes are artfully arranged. Doesn’t the vintage phone add a nice touch?

Tray or platter. If your selection is modest, contain it on a tray or platter. These silver cups are grouped together from tallest to shortest.

David Vandervort Architects

Go vertical. A collection of whimsical masks and figures fills a narrow wall area perfectly and provides a burst of color into an earthy room.

HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Above kitchen cabinets. Why not use that space above your kitchen cabinets to showcase your own collection? These musical instruments are up high for all to see (and out of harm’s way).

Vinci | Hamp Architects

At a bookcase. To break up all the rows of publications,incorporate your artwork collection into your shelves.

Michael Fullen Design Group

Or perhaps you wish to display only artwork in your bookcase. This is an intriguing assortment of vases and rings in copper and teal.

Applegate Tran Interiors

At a personalized solution. When you have the budget, consider using a custom display space constructed for your prized collection. These built in cubbies dramatically showcase the operator’s exotic sculpture. Museum-like markets complete with accent lighting make a gorgeous feature wall.

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc..

These cabinets have a space reserved for the proprietor’s fun ceramic pitchers designed by Betty Woodman. The dark pink background sets off the colours well.

Joie Wilson

This whole room looks like it was intended for the artwork. Sculptural pieces rest on pedestals and wall mounted shelves of varying heights and depths. The walls and furniture are all white, allowing the artwork to be the celebrity.

K & M Designs

This plate rack is recessed into the wall and houses the operator’s collection of fairly patterned plates. The traditional sconces really dress it up.


On the Ground. When you have the space, consider displaying your selection on the ground. I love these dogs appear to be coming out from under the staircase to welcome you. They’re out of the way and also fill a place that would otherwise be squandered.

Pavel Burmakin

Specialty cabinets and storage. Many furniture pieces are developed for display. Are not these white plates striking within this deep red china cabinet?

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How have you exhibited collections in your home? Please talk with us in the Comments below!

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