Step-by-Step On The Best Way to To Teach a Dwarf Schefflera Bonsai

Dwarf schefflera bonsai, also called Schefflera arboricola, is a tree using compound leaf construction and a non-woody stem, setting it aside from traditional bonsai trees. Dwarf schefflera could be educated through defoliation pruning and mild wiring. Some specimens could be educated to create roots that were amazing. This tree does well in tropical climates and should be safeguarded in outside temperatures. It makes an excellent house plant, with standing various humidity and light problems.


Wrap wire across the branch or stem which you wish to to control. Wrap beginning the portion of the stem or branch around, and then twine it.

Bend the wire to impact the course of branch or the leaf. Since this could cause permanent injury to the stem don’t bend the dwarf schefflera stem significantly as you’ll with other species of bonsai.

1 day, wait and bend the wire somewhat more. Bend the wire on the span of a week.

Remove the wire after one complete month.


Use sterile clippers to remove all leaves on a dwarf schefflera bonsai that is wholesome. Leave the developing stalk set up.

Prune bigger leaves from your bonsai above a year to keep the leaf dimensions no more than wanted.

Repeat defoliation wanted.

Aerial Roots

Place the dwarf schefflera bonsai in a humid atmosphere including a climate-controlled aquarium or greenhouse. The trunk could be wrapped in plastic wrap as well as the the inner stored moist to market the development of roots.

Mist the bonsai everyday, and water the plant twice per week.

Fertilize the dwarf schefflera tree with half-power liquid plant foods every two months. Roots stems and will start to develop in the trunk.

Prune undesirable roots that are smaller in the plant with clippers to market the development of stronger, thicker, more roots that are more more desirable.

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