The best way to amp Pollinate Cucumbers &; Zucchini

When members of the family – specifically, cucumbers, pumpkins, melons and squash – fail to pollinate, fresh fruit can not produce. These crops include both female and male blossoms to the same plant but need the pollen in the bloom to be moved – on average by bees – to the the feminine bloom for pollination. Sometimes, as a result of a lack of bugs or weather, this doesn’t happen normally. The great news is it is possible to hand-pollinate them effortlessly.

Locate a recently opened bloom that is male. The bloom that is male seems atop a stem that is green.

Gather pollen in the male blossom with the paintbrush that is unused. The sticky pollen that is yellow clings to the bristles of the brush.

Locate a bloom that is female. The blossom that is female features a small ovary at its base that looks just like squash or a cucumber.

Look in the bloom to to find the stamen. This can be a pad on a slender stem in the middle of the bloom that is the feminine.

Brush the pollen in the paintbrush. The pollen is attracted by its area.

Repeat until all-female blooms are pollinated. The pollen from bloom that was male may be applied to several blooms that were feminine. Gather pollen.

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