The best way to Cut a Spherical Hole in Exterior Stucco

Fan vents and dryer are two reasons why a property owner owner would need to drill a round hole via an exterior stucco finish. Although this method might appear hard, it’s fairly simple to filled with using the tools that are proper. Two kinds of stucco exist. The first kind is unique stucco created from sand, Portland cement and some times hydrated lime. The next type is artificial stucco EIFS Drilling during the stucco that is first is like sealing guidelines and drilling through stone while EIFS needs contacting the manufacturer for certain drilling.

Determine if the stucco is EIFS or unique stucco. The manufacture for EIFS that is artificial stucco sealing and cutting guidelines. When slicing through authentic stucco proceed using the following actions.

Put on the safety eyeglasses.

Measure and mark the proper place for the hole. Place a mark in the middle of the hole area.

Insert the appropriate carbide hole saw bit in a hammer-drill. As an example, a 4 inch dryer vent needs a 4 inch carbide hole saw bit.

Position the reducing conclusion of the hole saw bit on the hole area. Hold the hammer-drill perpendicular to the stucco area.

Drill through the underlying materials as well as the stucco. Following the hole is cut, remove the drill-bit. Note that cutting through stucco that is authentic is like cutting through rock. The hole-saw will produce a a huge quantity of dirt. Apply pressure to the drill that is hammer to cut via the stucco area.

Clean the dirt in the opening using airhose or a turkey baster. This stops the dirt from blowing back back to that person.

Wipe the opening using a moist cloth to remove dirt that is remaining.

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