The best way to Hang Curtains in a Theatre Room S O Mild #3 9 Won&;t Come in

Light streaming through the window is desired — usually. It’s least desired when it’s streaming to the theatre room, but with a little preparation and a few drapery knowhow, a home-owner can avoid this mild transport and also make the theatre room dim enough to take pleasure in the film

Install curtains 50-inches wider and at least 24-inches more in relation to the window. The curtains must puddle on the ground the absolute minimum of 8″ to avoid seepage that is light. Window treatments that are successful must go sides at least 16-inches and the the window-frame at the top. Select a drapery rod and components that enable the curtains to wrap round the ends, making a “return” of at least 4″ and enabling a middle overlap of FOUR inches.

Add blackout liner to the curtains if needed. Buy individual blackout panels and connect them to the window side of the curtains in accordance with the directions of the manufacturer’s.

Attach to the wall over the exterior edges with loop and hook tape. Place the loop side of the tape to the exterior edge of the entrance of the curtains, in the very best of the drape to 8″ in the underside edge. Sew the tape in position. Bring a line on the wall in the exterior edge of the pole to the ground. Attach of self adhesive hook and loop tape to the wall along this line, matching the exterior fringe of of the tape. Align both sides of tape to seal this edge that is exterior. The entrance of the drape folds toward the interior prevent light transport and to align either side of the tape.

Sew the hook portion of hook and loop tape to the window-facing aspect of the middle edge of the drape that is over-Lapping. Attach the loop aspect of the tape to the decor material side of the drape that is other, in the middle border. Both sides of the tape put on seal the middle crack and stop move that is light.

Put in a blackout-lined, board-mounted cornice on top of the curtains. Generally, a board-mounted cornice is connected to the wall by angle (“L”) mounts. Fasten the brackets to the wall. Set them a the least 24 inches aside across the breadth of the rod. Set the cornice on the top legs of the mounts and fasten with screws up through the mount to the wood. Here is the most powerful means to stop any light from getting into the chamber across the very top of the curtains, along with the very best coverage is at least 18 inches long provided by a cornice.

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