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Timeless Summer Furniture: The Adirondack Chair

Yep, it really was Created from the Adirondack Mountains in New York. In 1903, to be exact. Throughout its next 110 decades of life, the Adirondack chair has become an iconic image of summer. It’s interchangeable with front porches, lake home, fire pits, beach cottages and rear decks.

Initially these chairs were made from hemlock and came in one color: natural. And while the fundamental elements of the classic stay, there have been some adjustments, alterations and upgrades. You can get modernist Adirondacks, colorful Adirondacks, Shabby Chic–fashion Adirondacks and vinyl Adirondacks.

But no matter the details, they all translate as casual, yard-friendly summer laziness.

Escapes – Landscape Architecture + Construction

These classic Adirondacks in lovely, neutral beige and beige are fulfilling their goal in life: to gather around a fire pit in a forested holiday location.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Their beachfront cousins in white prefer an ocean view.

You can achieve the vacation feeling in suburbia: Just add a flame pit and a few Adirondacks. The homeowners bought these chairs in unfinished pine in a local Mills Fleet Farm shop, then painted them a glossy black.

Flea Market Sunday

You don’t have to have an expansive vacation-like home to utilize Adirondacks. These two create a comfy hangout on the tiny front porch of the stucco bungalow.

Derviss Design

These urban Adirondack-like chairs, a custom design by Northern California artist Jimmy Matcock, are more straightforward and more contemporary. The single-board back may be a more comfortable version for those who don’t like the texture of the traditional slats.

ConcretePete LLC

Another example of a more contemporary variant. The square backs and horizontal charcoal color take care of almost any old-timey country flair that might have been lingering.

Shannon Malone

These bright blue lounging Adirondacks are the focal points of the simple, neutral yard. The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Scandinavian Blue.

Decorative Arts & Design

Pink and vinyl. I really like the way these pop against the natural landscape. They’re fun.

Sabal Homes

The classic Adirondack takes on a completely different vibe within the home. Add a couple pillows and it becomes complicated, streamlined chairs. I like how well this one blends into the rest of the decor.

Interior Changes home design

Nothing states vacation cabin such as a kayak hanging in your living room and Adirondaks made out of old, wooden water skis.

Do you have colorful Adirondack chairs at home? We would love to see your photographs!

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