Trundle Beds Double Away On Design

I have always been partial to trundle beds. My youth bedroom features a white iron daybed with a pop-up trundle underneath, and buddies who slept over thought that it was the funniest thing to have a “secret” bed that pulled out at a minute’s notice. Originally designed as a sleeping pad for servants that remained by the family’s side during the night, trundles have evolved into a time-honored solution for optimizing overnight quarters without consuming undue space.

These trendy trundles choose the old favorite to a new level of chic. Which one is your favorite? Inform us in the Comments.

Malcolm Davis Architecture

This trundle expands the functionality and spices up the design of a spare, slender guestroom/office. The desk appears as though it would be useful for keeping nighttime reading than for doing actual work — you would have to sit cross-legged to write or type.

Casart Coverings

Trundles do not always have to be concealed beneath a bedskirt or behind a drawer. In this cheery, eclectic bedroom, the bright green of the bed frame is transported to the trundle box beneath, left on display for another jolt of color.

Alla Kazovsky Architect

Here’s another trundle right in the open. I enjoy seeing the tiny hint of royal blue to split up each the wood.

Why is better use of space than bunk beds? Bunk beds with a pullout mattress beneath. This technique works particularly well in holiday homes or for families that have relatives and friends visit regularly.


Trundles beneath those twin beds double the area’s sleeping capacity in 2 to four — a rather nifty trick. As an alternative, you could use the trundles for storage.

RA Design Group, LLC

Sleek and refined, this trundle blends so easily with the striated wood framework of this daybed that the grips will be the only giveaway it’s there whatsoever.

A trundle on railings pulls out and slides in easily, and it’s guaranteed to remain in place. What a great idea!

From Brooke Interiors

A drawer-style trundle turns out a comfortable daybed into a double sleeping area.

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