Unlock the Key to Maintaining Keys in Check

We have all been there: wake up late, scarf down breakfast and quickly head for the door, only to find that those damn auto keys are nowhere in sight. Nothing like a frantic search to ruin!

Instead of spending your precious minutes dumping out your handbag or scouring a messy kitchen counter tops, eliminate the guesswork with a go-to key spot close to your front door. Whether you use a tray, a hook or an integrated cubby, these great solutions show you how it’s done.


Duo Sparrow Key Ring – $24

Your storage may be pretty and functional at the exact same moment. This cute, practical birdhouse will give your keys a suitable home (and looks good next to a front doorway).

M.J. Whelan Construction

For people who have space for built-ins, your storage options are infinite (lucky you). Although you can install hooks — since the programmer did here — you can also put keys in a wicker basket, drawer or cubby. You’re limited only by your own reach.

Moving Home

Do not have space for a full-fledged organizer? Elect for a small key rack next to door. It’s equally as effective but takes up less space and has a clean, simple look.

Jonathan Adler

Elephant Bowl – $88

Employing a bowl to keep track of keys is always a fantastic idea, but watch out — it could quickly become your new litter jar. Steer clear of a catchall container by discovering a just-right bowl, like this adorable key-size one, and remind yourself: secrets only!

Mendelson Group

If space is a little tight, then let your furniture do double duty. Find a bench or an ottoman that comprises a tray, and simultaneously utilize it as an entryway seat and a key-drop spot.

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS

S-Box Key Box

On the lookout for over a tray or bowl? This new gadget conceals keys inside a nearby countertop. With only a touch of your hand, your keys pop up, and you’re able to hit the road.

His and Hers Important Holders – $34.95

Add a little quirkiness to your home with his or her and hers key holders. The wall-mounted plate lets you lock your keys in for the night, so they are right where you left them at the morning.

Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography

For a more contemporary, minimalist take, consider setting your keys onto a magnetic organizer next to the staircase. Your keys will stick around until you want them.

TRS Designs, Inc (Kitchens, Baths, & much more)

If the kitchen is your go-to drop spot, turn a shallow cabinet in an emptiness, complete with key hooks, charger and email drop.

2nd Shift

Key Plate – $25

For no-nonsense key storage, install this key plate next to your door. With its convenient and also, well, obvious location, you won’t ever have to worry about losing your keys.

Purchase Some Damn Art

Do not give up if you reside in a small flat with cramped, narrow halls. This space-friendly shelf is just the right size for keys, and it has space to spare for favored knickknacks.

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