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11 New Uses for Old-School Christmas Ornaments

Thanksgiving has come and gone (see you next year, pumpkin pie, turkey and food coma!) , therefore it an proper time. Although there’s nothing wrong with tradition — it is what makes this season so unique — it may be time for you to trade in some of your tattered, old fashioned decorations for newer, shinier models. Before you venture out and brave the holiday buying insanity, however, look no farther than your decoration stash.

Throughout the years you’ve likely gathered an embarrassingly large decoration set — after all, the majority of us are to more than a few of these supercheap after-Christmas sales. Rather than keeping these bits boxed up until the end of time, then put them to work with by making your own festive holiday masterpiece. All these ideas, which range from rapid crafts to complicated DIYs, will provide you a brand new, sparkly centerpiece or decked-out mantel that fits the times.

Rather than placing decorations on a tree, why not make a tree out of decorations? This smart, cute craft, courtesy of Amy from Into Vintage, makes excellent use of clearance-sale ornaments and an old window display.

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Beautify your fireplace mantel by dressing this up. Here, a conventional green wreath gets a remix, along with a festive sleigh becomes stuffed to the brim with favorite glowing, seasonal accessories.

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Hanging decorations out of a tree is really typical. Instead, use ceiling beams (if you have them) to display those sparkly globes, but be sure to use strong cable or ribbon so that nothing falls from the skies.

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If you do not have room to celebrate Christmas with a full sized tree, elect for this cute, bite-size one rather. Fill a vase with painted branches, color-coordinated decorations and some type of solid base, such as pebbles or rice.

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Enhance your outdoor holiday decoration by dangling decorations from front porch or porch. In the event the weather locally is harsh, use plastic rather than glass and hang bits with thick red ribbon or heavy-duty cable.

Bring a modern twist to your holiday season by utilizing decorations rather than greenery and winterberries. Becky out of Matt & Becky used a Styrofoam wreath, red ribbon and a hot-glue gun to make this vibrant, fun decoration.


Place decorations in a bowl for a last-minute centerpiece. Coupled with snowflake dishes and purple accents, this table setting brings plenty of holiday cheer without seeming over the top.

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Welcome your houseguests the ideal way by putting oversize decorations in a weatherproof étagère. Insert some lights and greenery for additional Christmas spirit.

Enhance an already festive terrace by draping Mardi Gras beads and decorations along your mantel. If you just can’t get enough, then use ornament hooks to string bits out of the bead garland too.

Bring a cool twist to your seasonal get-together by opting for an ornament-laden centerpiece. Shelley from The House of Smiths used branches, small picture frames, a tray and globe-filled shots to create this dialogue starter.

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For those who reside in warmer climates, then bring your entertaining outdoors by dangling decorations from the trees. It will still feel like Christmas, even though there is no snow in sight.

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