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Get It Done: Organize Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

This week we’re continuing the recon part of the kitchen organizing mission. Your mission for now:
Check out Part 1: Organize Your Kitchen Drawers.Read and bookmark this story and let the ideas marinate. When you are cooking and cleaning, take notes as you see the good and the bad on your kitchen cabinets. Take stock, write the contents of each cupboard on a sticky note, and stick the note right on the cupboard doors.Think about what could make your cabinets better and ask questions. What should you move to a more convenient place? Do you need any organizers to maintain things neat?Collect never-used things for donation because you go, and throw or throw the broken stuff.When that you have a free afternoon to really dig in, reevaluate both of these ideabooks and initiate the task.

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How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Period: 2 to 3 hours

Materials required: Cleaner, dust rags or paper towels, contact paper, sticky notes (such as Post-its), pencil, contribution box. Additional organizers are optional. This ideabook also includes ideas for some mini renovations which need more time and materials.

Tip: Have a before shot of your messiest cupboard so that you may feel additional fulfilled when this is all over.

Assess. If you are still lacking distance following editing and purging, assess and plan — you will require a more critical intervention. It may be as straightforward as storing cookie sheets and trays rather than in flat stacks.


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Browse. This one is enjoyable, and you can do it in the sofa: Peruse kitchen cabinet organizers.

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Take a drawer-cabinet combo. Your intervention could be installing shelves which combine the best attributes of drawers and cabinets, like these deep shelves that slide out like drawers, or installing a lazy Susan in the corner.

Watch more thoughts for corners of the kitchen

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Smart organizers may also allow you to clean counter space by giving convenient spots for smaller appliances on your cabinets.

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Set a twist on the corner cupboard. The Lazy Susan has been a popular option for centuries. Originally, it was a rotating tray placed on a tabletop; after the thought moved to corner closets, making things easier to reach with a fast spin. Historians still can not agree on who the original Susan was.


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Make your cabinets work more difficult. Rather than reaching blindly to the depths of your bottom cabinets, attempt racks which arrange and roll out for simple access. Your knees will thank you.

Magazine Rack

Corral the lids. This clever er utilizes a magazine stand to maintain lids organized. It also makes good use of the sides of the cabinets.

Liz Williams Interiors

Consider putting cabinet items on screen. If sentimental pieces of china and serveware you do not use but love really are taking up valuable cupboard space, set them where you can enjoy them every day. Take a look at ideas for how to organize them and the best way to hang a plate.

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This screen idea also applies to taking the pots from their cabinets and hanging them out of a pot rack or on a pegboard.

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Pots may also hang against the wall railings.

Consider replacing upper cabinets with open closets. If you have made a significant purge, you might find you have sufficient space to replace some top cabinets with shelves that are floating. First browse to determine whether that appearance will do the job for you.

Meg Padgett

If you want to give open shelves a whirl, have a look at this guide on how best to do it for less than $40.

Organize your china. If you’re losing a upper cupboard or two, check out all of the new drawer organizers which can prevent china from chipping and breaking.


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Now that you have any ideas for how you’ll be reorganizing, begin clearing.

• Clear a large space on the counter or kitchen island.
• Empty each of the cabinets.
• Group like things collectively
• Throw whatever looks sketchily dirty from the dishwasher.
• Throw away whatever’s broken; put anything you do not use that is in good shape in a donation box.
• Give each of the empty cabinets a comprehensive wipe-down.
• Add your own organizers, new slide-outs and fresh contact newspaper, and put everything back into the direction you’ve envisioned.


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So, next time you open a drawer or cupboard, have a few added seconds to test out what’s going on in there and scribble it on your sticky notes. Whether you are aiming for a fresh contact paper or a pot organizer, or you are prepared to call the cabinetmaker, the checking and preparation you’ve simmering on the back burner now can help you attack the kitchen following the holidays.

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