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Bamboo Sprouts Up in Bountiful Home Uses

Believe it or not, there is a completely renewable, organic, secure agricultural product which may be used for virtually everything. Bamboo has been around for centuries in pretty much every program. This elastic material may be worn out, made into paper and background, transformed in to shaped and countertops to eat from and with.

Here are some suggestions for making bamboo perform in your house.


Currant Six Drawer Dresser, Dark Walnut

Bamboo, a grass, is among the most used materials on the planet. This durable material can be chosen every five to six years — unlike walnut, which requires 30 to 50 years to replenish. This fast turnaround makes bamboo an superb choice for furniture. Bamboo also is a popular wood alternative since it can grow almost anywhere.


Laminated Wood/Bamboo Trays

Bamboo’s clean grain and texture make it an outstanding choice for modern accessories. Various things, such as these trays, are easy to look after also. Simply wash them with a damp cloth or hand wash with a mild detergent — don’t place bamboo bits in the dishwasher.


Bath Group Square Above Counter Sink

When nontoxic manufacturing methods are used, bamboo countertops and sinks are ecofriendly additions to the kitchen with a modern look and feel. Bamboo can cost up to granite — $45 per foot and up — and has to be oiled occasionally to maintain it. It isn’t heat resistant, so it is going to scorch in case a hot pan is put on it.


Veneerware Round Plates – $7.50

Bamboo plates don’t split as easily as ceramic, and they are nontoxic, unlike vinyl. Regrettably, bamboo plates may warp and divide from extreme heat in the dishwasher, so you are going to want to hand wash them. Wipe the face of each plate or utensil with mineral oil occasionally — usually no longer than a few times annually for regular use.

Six Space

Nest In Bamboo Viscose Solid Throw Blanket – $140

Bamboo fiber is antibacterial, antistatic and antifungal as well as powerful, soft and flexible. The drawback is that it’s much less expensive to process the fiber using chemicals than without, so some producers select the former to keep down costs. Normally, the price per yard of bamboo fabric begins approximately $12. Wash bamboo fabric at a low temperatures and air dry it — that the fiber loses strength when wet and will stretch.

Ray Johannes Landscape Design

Organic bamboo is a great choice for fences, as it may withstand rain, dirt, sun and other climate conditions. Fencing similar to this comes in a roll up. It is naturally tan in colour but may be stained in different colours.

HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Bamboo fencing may also be used as roofing on a porch or a garden construction. A roster of 6- by 6-foot fencing will cost approximately $60. Utilize a weatherproof deck sealer annually on the fencing to extend its longevity.

Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

While bamboo is beautiful planted in a garden, beware the roots may extend 20 feet underground and upset foundations and plumbing pipes. In addition, it may take over and be extremely costly and difficult to eradicate.

Watch how to use bamboo at the landscape

Tracery Interiors

Bamboo Roman shades look great in formal and informal window treatments, and may be lined for privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms. Be sure the sides don’t rub on the window frame, or else they will fray.

Paneled bamboo curtains are another popular bamboo window covering. These treatments are easy to clean: Just wax or dust them use a damp cloth. However, be careful — they can chip or break with heavy use.

Find out about bamboo curtain rods


Honey Bamboo Strand Flooring

Bamboo has a look like hardwood floors, but unlike wood, bamboo is insect resistant. Bamboo flooring prices around $2 per square foot minimum. Check with the manufacturer before determining where to put in it depending on how the flooring is made, bamboo will not always work for kitchen and bathroom flooring — moisture may cause the borders to cup.

Signature Custom Homes

The quality of bamboo flooring is dependent on the production process. Carbonizing produces a product with a deep, rich colour but one which is 30 times softer than wood; it will dent and scratch quite easily, so it isn’t suggested for high-traffic places. Strand-woven bamboo, however, is a really durable and tough surface.

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