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Cast Stone

Cast stone is made of moldable, curable combinations containing elements of pure sand, cement, fine or coarse marble, limestone, granite, quartz, calcite and coloring pigments. It has a dense, stonelike texture that’s highly durable and can be reinforced and colour matched.

Architectural Justice

Cast Stone Backsplash

An antique ceiling tin has been used as the mould with this particular cast stone counter tops. The corbels are cast stone.

Veranda Fine Homes

Mantels are a terrific example of how cast stone can be used in place of carved stone.

Beautiful Kitchen Layout

This cast stone mantel continues up the wall to create a frame for the tv.

Erotas Building Corporation

Stone can mimic cut limestone.

Rustico Tile and Stone

This doorway is cut and carved stone, but a mould of cast stone could be used to create something similar.

TranDesign, Inc. / Foam Design

This fountain waterfall sports a cast stone design to punctuate the balustrades.

TranDesign, Inc. / Foam Design

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