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Get a Grip: Create Handle Openings With Only Two Tools

Trays, totes, stools and a few benches feature handle openings that enable you to transport them readily and comfortably. You are able to attach mass-produced handles or knobs to those items, however they often stick out, ruining a sleek profile. Additionally, it’s often difficult to center them precisely.

By producing your own handle launching, you’re not just adding a wonderful practical attribute, but you’re also highlighting a bit of skill and customizing a project.

Chris Hill

Quantify and Mark the Spot

Precise measuring and therefore are crucial to create a handle launching. Start with marking center points for two starter holes which are equidistantly spaced from the center point of the board. Leave at least a 3/4-inch space between the handle opening and the upper edge of the board. For a 1-inch-wide opening, that means indicating a center stage 11/4 inches from the edge.

A fantastic rule of thumb for how big a finished handle opening is 1 inch wide by 5 inches long. When drilling the starter holes (that are just 1 inch wide) for this particular size opening, make sure the center points of the starter holes are spaced 4 inches apart. When the holes have been drilled, the last opening will probably be 5 inches wide.

Chris Hill

Drill the Holes

Drill both holes as accurately as possible. To assist with this, and particularly if you’re not using a drill press as shown here, press on the center point of the drill bit to the center mark for each starter hole. This will help line up the piece. Keep the drill vertical when drilling so that your hole doesn’t wind up being drilled at an angle.

Chris Hill

Cut the Opening

Mark a line along the outer edges of these holes from 1 end to another. This is the guide for cutting the remainder of the opening.

Use a jigsaw and don’t cut right online, but instead just to the interior of it. Then sand the opening smooth and nice to the exact width.

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