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Contractor Tips: 10 Strategies to Get the Remodel You Need for Less

Everybody knows remodeling is expensive, but it usually ends up becoming even more expensive than you thought. So, how can you get the home you desire while adhering to a strict budget? Take some advice from this contractor — the tips below will help you complete your job without veering off your strategy.

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1. Complete the Strategy. The more time spent exercising and finalizing the program with your architect and contractor, the more time you’ll have to find cost savings and avoid expensive change orders down the road

2. Locate a contractor willing to value engineer your job. Value engineering is when the design group, you and the contractor discuss creative ways to achieve the design intent for less. Be frank about your financial plan from the beginning — if you discover a builder that you wish to work with and he knows you are serious about working with him rather than shopping around for a lot of quotes, he will be more likely to spend the opportunity to get creative with your budget.

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3. Use eBay and Craigslist. I know I know — I told you to not purchase your own materials. But specific prices are hard to pass up. If you’re able to get the farmhouse sink you want for half price because someone else must unload it, then go for it. Only get it before the cabinet layout is finalized and have it onsite before you plan around it.

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4. Schedule function for winter. Contractors are generally very active in summer time but may be willing to provide you a discount should you schedule function for winter — at least in Philadelphia. It may differ in a warm city like San Diego. Consult your contractor when work is generally slow and ask for a discount if you postpone the work until then.

5. Be nice. Should you see to your contractor as well as the staff, he will remember this when the chance arises to go the extra mile to get you.

6. Be ‘good cover.’ A client who is “good pay” is a person who pays when the contract stipulates, without needing to be reminded or convinced. This works similar to the previous tip: If the contractor feels that you are not the kind to try to stiff him he will be comfortable going out on a limb for you.

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7. Focus on what you need. Can you really need that cutting edge pot filler or superexpensive backsplash tile? Scale down and cut the fluff when you can — with a little extra work, it’s possible to find less-expensive but still high-quality goods.

8. Barter. When you have a valuable skill or a vacation house, you might be able to barter for some of the cost of your remodel. Your contractor will nonetheless must pay taxes payment delivered this way, but it means less out-of-pocket money for both of you. I have bartered my services to get artwork and pottery before, and it worked out great.

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9. Don’t do everything now. Stage or downscale the job. Before funding becomes a driving variable, we often get carried away and want to change everything. If there are portions of the job you could do another time without additional cost, wait on these. Staging different parts of the project will make it possible for you to save up more money ahead.

10. Do some of the work yourself. If you would like to bring up this choice with your builder, then take care to stay out of the way while performing your own work. Maybe you can set up the floating cork flooring after the room is built but before the end carpenters and painters come — you can even do it on a weekend so there’s no disruption to the contractor’s schedule. Not everyone will be open to this kind of arrangement, however it does not hurt to ask.

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