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The Way to Choose Kitchen Appliances

There are a number of things to consider when setting up your kitchen to accommodate people with different heights and mobility requirements. The placement of appliances should be planned so they’re simple to operate and secure for everyone. Almost every appliance today comes in a number of styles and with myriad features that have real benefits for people looking for a safer cooking environment for everybody without compromising features and aesthetics.

GE Profile Slide-In Induction Range PHS925STSS – $2,759.99

Cooktops and Ranges

Induction cooktops and ranges would be the most powerful cooking appliances to use, as no open flame or hot burner coils are found. Curious littles ones and endangered individuals can not burn themselves by accidentally touching the stovetop.

Induction cooking is based on an electrical process that produces a high-frequency electromagnetic field. This method induces the cooking vessel to create heat — perhaps not the cooktop. Once the vessel is taken out of the cooktop, the warmth stays with the cooking vessel, leaving the cooktop cool to your touch. Many induction cooktops have controls either in the front or on the other side. For optimum access, choose controls.

Sub-Zero and Wolf

Wolf 36-Inch Induction Cooktop

This type of smooth-touch controller is also perfect for those who have arthritic hands, as they don’t need to grasp large round knobs. The absence of knobs prevents clothing or mobility devices from becoming captured.

CookStop Fire Protection

Either way, if you have a separate cooktop or a range and wish to up your security quotient, think about the CookStop wireless network. This system attaches to an electric stove or cooktop and has a built-in motion detector that monitors motion in the area.

If the user does not return within a predetermined time frame, the cooker shuts off automatically, preventing fires before they begin. CookStop is readily programmed to meet the requirements of many users. It may be used as a stand-alone product or connected to the firm’s Tunstall’s Caresse+ monitoring system to alert distant caregivers and family members about a possible emergency.

Futuro Futuro Kitchen Range Hoods

Moon Crystal Collection Range Hood – $1,895

Range hoods, ornamental or concealed, are as crucial as the cooking appliance beneath. Whether the hood is on an island or a wall, then ensure the controls are within easy reach for everyone working with the appliance. 1 choice is to mount a controller switch in a user-friendly height, either on the backsplash or in the very front of a cabinet.

Elite Appliance

Jenn-Air JES9800CAS 30-Inch Electric Downdraft Range

This variety with built-in downdraft venting gets the controllers in the front, ensuring that anybody cooking can find the fan moving.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

BlueStar Wall Oven


Ovens that have a side-swing door are more accessible and safer than regular ovens, as users do not need to bend over a hot door or extend their reach to access the interior. Look for models that have doors that stay put when available to avoid any accidental burns to the arms. Make sure a minimum of 15 inches of counter space is available on the side of the oven. An added option would be to incorporate a pullout shelf beneath the oven to ease the transfer of warm things from the oven to the countertop.

Mrs. G TV & Appliances

GE Monogram 30-Inch Built-In Convection Wall Oven

Wall-mounted ovens are easily the very convenient for all to use when placed at the proper height to fit the user.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

Stainless Steel Double Wall Oven

Double wall ovens, set one over the other, will often fit most users — either tall or short. For regular ovens, include at least 15 inches of landing space beside the door or over the oven.

Miele Appliance Inc

DG 4084/DG 4086 Steam Oven

Steam ovens are gaining in popularity in the modern kitchens for several reasons — one being the obvious healthier cooking approach. They need water to create the steam, and the water line can be hardwired for simplicity of use, or you may just use the enclosed noodle container. These ovens, even smaller than normal ovens, are another option for those cooking easier meals or cooking for two or one. Steam oven placement is exactly the same as for a microwave oven.

Warners’ Stellian Appliance

Sharp 24-Inch Built-In Microwave Drawer – $899.99


A microwave placed just under the counter is one solution for shorter people and for those managing a wheelchair or crutches. It eliminates the sometimes dangerously high reach, and finding it underneath the counter signifies there is obviously a landing surface available for hot things as they come out. Younger children have easy access to the device in this height, too. Controls are also easier to see and read, though taller individuals might need to bend down to read the screen.

If you’re putting the microwave over the countertop, think about the user’s height and abilities. Ideally a microwave should be placed 3 inches beneath the user’s shoulder. For those in seats, locate the microwave controllers less than 48 inches above the ground.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Electrolux Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator – $2,699


Today, on to food preservation. Refrigerators have come a long way since the times of the old wooden icebox. Unit configurations vary; a few come as a massive fridge with single or double drawers in the bottom. Others, like this model, would be the traditional refrigerator and freezer combination. A freezer is much simpler to operate than the usual bottom-mounted freezer door. And with the freezer in the bottom of the unit, younger children and people in seats can access frozen snacks without help. Double doors on top provide complete unencumbered access to the fridge section.

Kitchen Tradition

GE Monogram Double-Drawer Refrigerator Module – $1,959.96

Granite counters are a excellent solution for active families with kids who always appear to be at the fridge looking for a drink or a bite, letting the cold air out spill out. Smaller individual units placed where you need them may keep food and beverages organized for quick and easy access. The drawers — also available as freezer drawers — are simpler to operate than a large refrigerator door and are ideal for people in wheelchairs or using walkers. They’re able to have a cabinet panel front to blend in with the cabinetry or stand out in a stainless steel finish.

CARNEMARK design + build


After cooking comes the cleanup. If you live alone or have a large family, there is a dishwasher style that is ideal for you.

Consider increasing the dishwasher off the ground at least 12 inches to provide those in seats simpler access and for less bending complete, particularly for taller people. Raising the dishwasher also interferes with the recommended 9-inch toe kick for individuals in wheelchairs.

Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co..

Dishwasher drawers are available in single- or double-drawer versions. If you use your dishwasher just occasionally or are tight on space, the single drawer might do the job for you. Single-drawer versions have the advantage of an excess storage drawer beneath.

Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc

The double-drawer version provides another convenience for active people and families. 1 drawer may be used for dirty dishes and the other as storage for dishes that are clean, as long as you remember which drawer is that.

The Sky is the Limit Style

You can even comprise two single dish drawers for better organizational stream. One could be located in which you maintain the drinking glasses, and the other could be located in which you keep the plates and cutlery. Double or single drawers are also a fantastic improvement in a butler’s pantry.

Tracery Interiors

If you’re tight on space and can not live without your dishwasher, then try one in an 18-inch flat size.

Paul Anater

And for all those really tight on space, KitchenAid has developed small, stackable built-ins. Pictured here is a steam oven, microwave and dish drawer unit. Now that is convenient!

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