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How to Savor Your Beautifully Imperfect Home

As someone who appears at a excellent deal of photos of beautifully designed homes every day, I know how the pangs of design cravings have the capability to overwhelm. Even 3 years after moving into our first home, my to-do and to-buy listing remains a mile long. Actually, I think that it can be several miles at this time, and any chance of checking all off my wish list is pretty much shot. For instance, just how likely is it that I’ll add French doors into my (yet-to-be-built) deck from my remodeled kitchen, complete with marble counters and a classic farmhouse dining table? Probably not so.

Fortunately, regardless of the fact that we might be wishing for something different at home does not mean we can not also learn how to love our homes just as they are now. Over time I’ve developed an arsenal of strategies to help cope with any feelings of my home becoming “less than” what I find in the glistening design magazines. Here are a few suggestions for gaining a new appreciation for your very own beautiful, imperfect home.

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Embrace wabi-sabi style. The wabi-sabi doctrine, that has its roots in Japan, finds beauty in imperfection and impermanence. The flowers whose petals are just beginning to turn brown, the thick slab of timber with an interesting crack running down the center — these are more highly appreciated than something perfect. Is not that refreshing?

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Tune in to your feel-good factor. Forget, for a minute, what you ever heard about design and just answer this 1 question: Why is you believe good? What color immediately lifts your mood? What type of artwork makes your soul sing? Rather than attempting to live up to someone else’s perfect, allow yourself the luxury of choosing what you love.

Organize something modest. When you are feeling dissatisfied with your own home, try tackling a small, easily handled organizing job: a single desk drawer, say, or that jar of kitchen gear on the counter tops. Take every last item outside, clean the area with soap and water, edit and eliminate what isn’t useful or well loved, and also be mindful about what you replace.

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Focus (your camera) on what actually matters. Try toting your camera along during an whole day spent at home. Photograph every small thing that causes you to grin, which you love or appreciate: your child, your own cat sunning herself on the window ledge, your favorite mug filled to the brim with steaming java.

How to Photograph Your Own Residence

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Use your kitchen longer. The longer you use your home, the more you’ll appreciate its usefulness in supporting whatever that you do. There’s something about the rhythm of shopping, cooking and sharing meals around the table that provides a feeling of warmth and coziness to a home that simply can not be replaced.

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Find beauty in the mundane. Sure, designer areas are amazing to look at. But that does not mean your fridge, packed full of snapshots and handmade magnets and postcards, is not amazing also. Have a moment to know about the meaning behind the small “messes” strewn on your residence. They are the sign of a life.

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Start a gratitude journal. If you use a notebook and pen or a digital instrument, the main issue is to start. Consider starting or finish your day by recording three things you’re grateful for around your residence.

It could be as simple as having a roof over your head or something more unique, like the way that your garden appears through your kitchen window or the gorgeous rug handed down from the daddy.


Lighten your load. It seems counterintuitive, but giving something away can actually make you feel more abundant. Not only will making a contribution to charity make you feel virtuous, however you’ll obtain a sense of lightness and space in your home. Start small, using a single box of books or a bag of clothes you do not wear; however if it can help you appreciate your home more, do not stop there.


Tackle a home project you’ve always wanted to try. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction that comes from producing something for your home. When it is painting furniture (attempt the trendy chalkboard tabletop displayed here) or trying your hands at a DIY repair, you will find tons of great home jobs out there which cost next to nothing.

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Use your area in a brand new manner. I find that when I am craving a large change but can not afford to go to a significant shopping spree, it can help to move furniture. Change your living space arrangement, split space for a creative studio or home yoga practice, or switch two rooms entirely (dining room for living room, or room for research, for instance).

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Experiment using an unplugged evening or a media quickly. Technology is a marvel, but setting limits will merely help you appreciate it more. And moving with no continuous stream of news and upgrades can help you feel relaxed and fulfilled. Consider setting a “last call” for checking email in the evening or choose to avoid the news for an whole weekend, and see how it makes you feel. There’s so much beauty in our own lives — and in our homes — if only we take some opportunity to see it.

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