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Home Tech: Too, Pets Need Gadgets

Sure, most of us love our cellular phones, tablet computers, Internet-connected TVs and other consumer electronics toys. However, what about our furry friends? Cats and dogs can benefit from the same technologies humans do. New technology can improve the health, safety and enjoyment of your pet — and also make the whole pet experience more enjoyable and enjoyable for you, also.

Actually, you could argue that pets need technology more than we do. With no opposable thumbs or the capacity of language, pets need that the empowering technologies even more than we do.

Electronic Pet Door With One-Touch Programming – $1,149

Wireless for Simple Access

Pet doors are typical. They’re also debatable. The most well-known types are little more than heavy rubber flaps that dogs and cats can push ahead with their minds, providing them access to the great outside and then back into the home.

However, such doorways also allow anything else into the home. By way of instance, raccoons, deer, other people’s pets, thieves and hot or cold atmosphere that reduces a home’s insulation.

A pet door is ideal for the application of wireless technology. The ideal kind use a unique microchip on your pet’s collar. It’s like E-ZPass accessibility for licensed four-footed relatives but a locked door for everyone else.

These distinctive collars are unique — such as door keys. Meaning if your neighbors use the identical specific new digital door, their pets won’t be permitted in your home, nor your furry friend into theirs. The collars do not use electricity, so they do not need batteries. And they’re waterproof.

Among the best doors of this type is the Plexidor Electronic Pet Door with One Touch Programming. The Plexidor includes a sliding door which slides down to close and up to open. It is possible to program how long the door remains open when it’s activated. And it’s strong enough to keep out burglars and sealed enough to keep out the elements.

WaterDog Pet Fountain – $69

Sonar for Better Water

The typical method to ensure your pet receives enough water is to place water in a bowl. However, this isn’t ideal. To begin with, the hotter the weather, the more water your dog requires, yet the faster water evaporates. So there can be less water available whenever your puppy needs more. Also, water in a bowl gets warm, harbors bacteria and can be consumed by other creatures, leaving your dog without a drink.

The alternative? What else? Tech!

A brand new product named WaterDog utilizes ultrasonic proximity detection to provide your dog all of the water he or she needs whenever it’s needed, right from the hose spigot. When the puppy gets inside 3 feet of the WaterDog, the water turns on just like a water fountain. When drinking is done and the dog wanders away, it turns off. It gives water that’s fresh, cool and infinite.

Dart Laser Pointer – $39.95

Techniques for Endless Entertainment

dogs and cats are intelligent animals. Plus they get tired. Particularly if they invest a lot of time indoors. So new digital games have emerged on the market to amuse them. If you hunt the tablet section of your Apple iOS or even Google Android app store, you will find game apps for pets.

One interesting toy for both dogs and cats involves a computerized laser beam. Called Dart, the cushioned laser pointer puts a dot of light to chase around the ground. You can set it at any of 16 settings for slow or fast play.

Satellites for Safety

Every dog owner’s nightmare is a missing pooch. When that happens, stapling signs on local phone sticks (“Have You Seen My Dog?”) Does not work in addition to real-time satellite tracking on a map.

That is what GPS dog collars allow you to do, and much more.

There are lots of brands to choose from. One example is that the Retrieva, which not just gives you tracking but alerts you when your dog wanders beyond a predetermined radius. It even offers a historic record of where your puppy went and when.

Puppy Tweets – $9.45

Tweeting Isn’t Just for Parakeets

Most dogs deficiency mastery of the English language. But that does not mean that they do not or can’t speak with us. Actually, they do it every single day, and we speak back.

In other words, dogs are social. Why not let them utilize social networks?

That is the thinking behind Puppy Tweets. The product involves a dog collar which feels movement, and it interprets that movement to determine what your dog is performing. It then transmits that information wirelessly to your home pc, where the computer software sends a Twitter message, or tweet, out of your puppy’s Twitter feed. The program chooses from approximately 500 tweets based on activity.

Youpersonally, in addition to others if you choose, can follow your puppy’s Twitter feed and also receive messages triggered by activity all day.

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