Update Your Front Entry the Budget-Friendly Way

Although the outside front entrance is among the most significant spots in a home to maintain tip-top shape, in addition, it tends to become among the most neglected. A lot of us don’t even use the front door on a regular basis. If you’re like me, you head indoors right from the garage and think about the front door just when guests or package-delivery people come knocking.

Next chance you get, measure out, stand in front of your entrance and examine it as though you’re a visitor. You may be amazed by what needs tweaking — a lackluster sconce, crumbling mortar on brick measures or a doorway which blends into the surrounding walls. In case your porch, stoop, door and other components could use a little oomph, try out these budget-friendly pointers and finds to bring them to life.

Camber Construction

1. Swap your light fixture out. It’s wonderful how such a simple change can completely transform the look of an entrance. Even if the replacement light you select does not hew strictly to the style of your home, make sure it’s similar enough not to feel weird.

Jamestowne 7in 1 Light Std Bulb Outdoor Wall Light in Black – $89.60

This streamlined take on the classic lantern would do the job as well with a cabin or Craftsman bungalow as with a two-story colonial.

Modern Wall Sconces

A gentle patina provides this curvaceous sconce an attractive weathered sensibility.

The best way to utilize barn lights like this

Lamps Plus

John Timberland Bronze Grid 10-Inch-High Outdoor Wall Light – $59.99

Its curves say art deco; its clean lines say contemporary. You choose which method to spin it.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

2. Add a dab of living color. Few items freshen a porch or stoop quicker than potted plants, if they are topiaries flanking the doorway or vines cascading from a hanging basket. If the design of your porch permits, consider a climbing specimen which will entwine around railings and posts. If not, select a stylish container or 2.

Grow a drop garden in a pot


Lieberman Pottery Glazed Ceramic Pots – $15

Mass a group of vibrant pots to create an earthy palette. The colors would seem especially nice against red brick or pale wood.

Bobby Berk Home

Wallter Hanging Planters – $72

This tiny hanging planter in attention-getting turquoise would be a great selection for a condominium’s front balcony or a little portico.


Verdigris Planter – $25

Wearing a pretty verdigris finish, this slender planter could fit in with conventional design, an industrial look or any design in between.

Kenny Craft, CNU LEED AP

3. Spark the front door using a bold shade. It’s a prime opportunity to create a visual focal point and amp up the personality of your home’s facade without having to spend a great deal of money. Choose a color that both sets off and contrasts with your primary exterior hue — that turquoise looks beautiful against the muted pumpkin orange framework and gold siding.

Farrow & Ball

Babouche Paint

Mustard yellow would glow against dark wood siding, brown brick or stone, or slate-blue paint.

Benjamin Moore

Ming Jade Paint

Take this emerald green for a traditional white house with black or navy shutters — a refreshing alternative to the conventional red.

Sherwin-Williams Zany Pink SW6858 Paint – $30

This cherry pink would look stunning alongside taupe, light gray or charcoal brick or paint. It could even work with creamy yellow.

Help Picking a front door shade

Home & Harmony

4. Roll a rug. A brand new welcome mat or floor covering can pull on a porch together. The indoor-outdoor models on the market nowadays come in so many stylish patterns and materials that it’s simple to select one which sets the tone to your decor.

Ballard Designs

Geneve Indoor-Outdoor Rug – $29

Muted colors and a Moroccan motif offer this lightweight rug subdued elegance.

Shades of Light

Indoor-Outdoor Colorful Stripe Hooked Rug – $60

Cheerful stripes create a feeling of welcome and comfort.


Great Gatsby Square Doormat by Karen’s Rope Function – $86

I could see this nautical-inspired rope mat on the doorstep of a beach house, but in addition it would work for a cabin in the center of the city.

Make your personal artistic doormat

Sicora Design/Build

5. Mount a mailbox. Like a light fixture, swapping a tired mailbox creates a world of difference. If your current mailbox is a conventional post model by the street, you may be able to get rid of it in favor of a wall-mounted style or a doorway slot — consult the regional postmaster for regulations and specifications.

The Mailbox Works

Wall-Mounted Mailbox – $77

The banded detailing and grids of ventilation holes add a contemporary edge to a traditional black mailbox.


Priority Mailbox – $78

This Deluxe version in cherry red adds a dash of pizzazz, and I really like the reduced pocket for flyers, magazines and catalogs.

Pottery Barn

Stella Mail Slot, Antique Silver Finish – $69

A doorway slot such as this one leaves a clean, sleek alternative to your box. Again, be certain your postmaster approves before you put in it.

Chris Kauffman

6. Change up house numbers. If yours are dull hardware-store models or have begun to show their age, substitute them with a jazzier style — only follow some basic guidelines to make certain that they’re as functional as they are appealing.

Moderndwellnumbers /Great River Company

Modern House Numbers – $33.99

Using a mod font, varied sizes and lively colors, these amounts lend themselves into mixing and matching.

Pottery Barn

Branch House Numbers – $14

Rustic yet elegant, these branch-inspired amounts would look perfect on a lodge-style home.


Custom-Made Mosaic House Number Sign – $50

A custom-made tile mosaic immediately telegraphs your own personality and produces a unique conversation piece.

Rachel Greathouse

7. Add an eye-catching door knocker. It’s like hanging a pendant around your neck to finish an outfit. Even if guests generally go straight for the doorbell, they will be greeted by a beautiful piece of hardware.

High Street Market

Large Brass Ring Door Knocker – $36

A more streamlined take on the usual brass knocker, this model feels especially graceful because of its graduated curve.

Karcher Design

Stainless Steel Door Knocker

Here is minimalism at its best. This would blend well with the clean lines of a contemporary or midcentury modern home.


Woodpecker Knocker – $40

The tap-tap-tap of a woodpecker may drive you nuts in actual life, however you won’t mind this magical spin.

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