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How to Generate a Corner Lot More Private Without a Fence

Sitting on a corner lot may mean a decline when relaxing or working outdoors because you have road views on either side of your home. You have to contend not just foot traffic along the sides of your home but also with automobile traffic if sidewalks are also held by those sections of road. It’s possible to produce a corner lot more private with no fence by simply planting offensively with two-way gardening, which forms a living fence and makes your corner lot seem good.

Put a garden seat on an angle in the corner of the property so that it faces the street . Position this seat as close to the corner as you can, while still being comfortable for sitting with some yard in front to separate it from the sidewalk or curb for to.

Plant trees of moderate height (roughly 10 to 15 feet tall when mature) onto all sides of the seat. Put the trees far enough away from the seat their mature branches will not crowd out seating. Lilac, Japanese walnut, dogwood or myrtle are suitable and require limited maintenance, but select trees you like.

Insert three to four evergreen shrubs behind the seat, such as juniper, butterfly bush, azaleas or boxwoods, spaced for healthier expansion but close enough that they will fill in the distance behind the seat. These chest-height and taller shrubs block perspectives of your private yard while making a backdrop to the seat that faces the street.

Position a seat or lounge chairs you would like to use privately on the side of the shrubs in order that they face your home. Play with the placement of this seating so you are going to be familiar with how it seems.

Plant perennials around your private seating area as desired to create a middle and low level of growth. If desired to add color and texture use plants in this mixture.

Insert garden accessories around your private seating area, such as statues, birdbaths, wind ribbons or chimes. Use stones to indicate the way.

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