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The Way to Set Up a Stihl Chain Saw's Chain Sharpening Guide

All chainsaws require sharpening. Dull blades result in inefficient operation, such as jagged patterns and the capacity for kickback that is dangerous, according Stihl. You don’t have to use a Stihl sharpening manual along with your Stihl chainsaw; any brand should work to help you guide your round file as you sharpen the teeth. The manual ensures fast sharpening to keep the chainsaw. Use the file guide that will help you sharpen the teeth each time you add gas into the machine.

Place the chainsaw cutting bar in a vise. Tighten the straps on the bar the visen’t holds the chain; you ought to be able to move the chain to get the teeth.

Pull down the chain break to keep the chain immobile as you sharpen.

Locate the tooth with the cutting edge that is shortest. This is the master cutter. During sharpening after sharpening the master cutter, file the other teeth to exactly the same length. So that the master cutter sits on top close to the middle of the bar for simple access, move the chain.

Push on the sharpening manual so that the master cutter is based in the manual. The chain should be straddled by the manual . Point the two arrows of the guide from the chainsaw, towards the conclusion of the bar to make certain the tooth sharpens at the right angle.

So it locks snap the manual into position between rivets and will not wobble when you slide the file over the rollers. Stihl utilizes hardened rivets to keep the chain power, and therefore as you push against it in 28, you don’t have to worry about the guide.

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