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How to Get a Dining Table Into the home

Getting a leggy, dining room table to the house can be almost as challenging as getting a proverbial square peg into a round hole, but where there’s a will — and removable legs — there’s a way. You can damage a nice table during a move, so proper packing is key. After taking apart a table, then there’s a way to keep everything out of getting separated. When you get it in the dining area, you will need every bit readily accessible in order to reassemble it.

Pull apart the tabletop and lift out any extension leaves. Wrap the table’s leaves in bubble wrap or blankets to keep them from becoming damaged or destroyed during transport. Use tape to secure the blankets around the leaves. Push the tabletop back together.

Turn on the table upside down carefully and then put it on soft carpeting or a blanket. Unbolt the table’s four legs or a single pedestal leg from the table’s underside, using a rhythm. Pack the pedestal or legs in protective blankets. Put each of the bolts, nuts and washers to your sturdy, zip-style plastic bag. Tape the bag to the underside of the table so that the hardware does not become lost or separated from the table, using strong packaging tape or duct tape. Employ a few lengths of duct tape throughout the table’s underside seam to keep it from separating during moving, if it had a removable extension leaf. Cover the tabletop, edges and underside with a blanket secured by tape.

Store the tabletop, legs and leaves together during a move.

Carry the components to the home via an entry closest to the dining room, such as sliding glass doors along with a door. Unwrap the blanketing from every component. Prepare the table, with the inverse measures in which you took it apart.

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