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Kitchen Sinks: Enameled Cast Iron for Beautiful Durability

One of the vast array of kitchen sinks available today, a few materials have earned a top place. Cast iron is one of them. Cast iron sinks have been around for some time, because they’re long lasting and attractive. And today they are available in plenty of colors, styles and price ranges.


The fundamentals: Cast iron kitchen countertops are made up of 2 layers. The foundation layer is a thick, durable iron alloy, which is then coated in a thick tooth top layer. Together the layers produce an impervious surface with a lustrous finish.

Price: $200 to $900 on average, depending on the dimensions and configuration.

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Benefits: in regards to durability and beauty, a cast iron sink surely fits the bill. A heavy foundation means these sinks may take a lifetime of usage.

Despite their durability, these countertops also boast an attractive end. The thick enamel top layer has a gorgeous glossy sheen. It’s most often white, but it may be done in a range of colors.

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Disadvantages: A cast iron spout is very heavy, requiring at least 2 individuals to put in it. Prior to installation, the supporting counter and base cabinetry may also have to be altered to support the weight.

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Sustainability: Most cast iron sinks are made from a large percentage — frequently 80 percent or more — of recycled and reclaimed iron, which makes them an excellent in terms of sustainability.

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Care: The glistening tooth surface is nonporous, making for a stain resistant and easy-to-clean sink. A thorough rinsing and wipe-down using a soft fabric is recommended after every use.

Avoid abrasive cleaners and tools, which may dull or scratch the end.

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