Multiply and Conquer With Layout Groupings

One of my favorite means of creating a dynamic visual experience within a room is by simply replicating a layout piece over and over again. The result is a sculptural and participating installment that rewards with both simplicity and creativity. Therefore, in case you like a decorative piece and can afford it, why not get several? Here are a couple of examples of several very powerful designs shared by fellow ers that exemplify the power of multiples.


The installation of random lights fits so perfectly in this attic. And even though those pendants are absolutely stunning in their own, they make a much bolder statement in multiples. Their translucent texture readily allows grouping them together without obstructing any natural light or town views.

Erika Bierman Photography

You don’t have to restrict yourself to replicating just one item. Instead, since this interior reveals, you can double or triple a whole grouping of pieces. The table lamps add character to this area.

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

You might also use the frame of a storage unit to style in multiples. Though each cube has a exceptional set of items displayed inside, their uniformity through color and feel achieves the identical effect as repeating the exact same object over and over again. The frame also gives the set a neater and much more put-together look.

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

For an easygoing and organic look, you can opt for a grouping of papier-mâché creature heads. These animal-friendly trophies have been popping up in several interiors and for a fantastic reason: They include a great all-natural feel to a room. To attain an impactful and dynamic look, try a grouping of three (as shown within this interior). Blending the creature heads together with the wall behind is a clever way of playing with feel.

Charlie & Co.. Design, Ltd

When it comes to grouping artwork, you can’t ever go wrong with arranging square frames at a large square. It will give your room a very strong focus.

David De La Garza / ZURDODGS

Designing in multiples is much more applicable in regards to sculptures. As shown in this interior, you can accomplish significant drama by utilizing smaller objects and grouping them in a dynamic pattern.

Mason Miller Architect

Sometimes even housewares of the identical color may create a decorative impact. By grouping the glasses and dishes together and arranging them by substance, this designer has turned into an everyday item into quite a statement.

Filmore Clark

This interior is another superb example of a regular thing that can acquire unique status by being displayed in multiples. The understated beauty of this cotton feel of these towels works beautifully with the accent wall behind the bathtub.

In case you have a variety of items which don’t look very similar, paint them the exact same color to make a cohesive selection.

Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

The same rules apply outdoors too. Using three glistening spheres in different sizes makes a unique and modern announcement within a landscape. You can accomplish the exact same effect with ceramic or planters spheres.

Inform us how can you utilize object groupings on your layouts? Have you ever discovered any other items which may be replicated in a room to accomplish a similar effect? Share under!

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