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Guest Picks: Treat Yourself to Designs

After a nasty breakup with my daily latte, I’ve found comfort in a new ritual: morning tea. The exploration of taste varieties has been beautiful, but — oh — the designs and all the pretty accessories that include tea time are much better! I am not just talking about kettles either. From storage containers towels, pinkies up lovelies, it’s brew time! — Kristin in The Cuisinerd


Japanese Enamel Kettle – $125

Kettles for everyone. These are just so gosh darn cute — I will take each of three.


Staub 1 Quart Round Teapot, Graphite Grey – $129.95

Dear France,
How are you always so smoothly chic? Even your teapots are instant classics. I want a few style points from you when you get a moment.


Venie Tea Holder

This container looks more like a cologne jar compared to the usual tea hideaway. I really like the way the floral detail softens up the modern lines.


Marimekko Hennika Teapot – $139

You, sir, get to sit down on my stove best ALL DAY LONG. You are one thing that is handsome.

Ashes & Milk

White Dipped Spoons – $10

Wood dipped in whatever is divine, but these delicate small ceramic amounts are all sorts of, well, mine!

Ancient Industries

Green Milk Pot – $42

This modest milk-warming pot takes me from the city and makes me wish I were standing at a kitchen overlooking the expansive farm.


Japanese Wood Tea Canister – $240

I never understood about the half-century-old lathing technique until seeing this, but now I am hooked. This is absolutely stunning wood.


Royal Hawaiian Triangles Tea Towel by Avril Loreti – $25

Tea time wouldn’t be proper without the proper accessories. I am in love with this midcentury, Hawaiian-inspired print. I can see this becoming a permanent fixture on my oven door.


Mr. T Tea Teapot from Lenny Mud – $40

I pity the fool who does not take milk in tea.


Blaue Blume Milk Jug, White with Gold Shoes – $59

Discuss bringing dainty back into the tea party.


JIA Purple Clay Coffee Pot – $129

Black ceramic and wood together is forever gorgeous.


Tse et Tse Mirza Porcelain Teapot with Reversible Coat Cozy – $200

I usually don’t gravitate to ultra modern design. This barely resembles a tea kettle, and it is wearing a small sweater like a tea-cup Yorkie, but I really like it just the same.

Jonathan Adler

Whale Serving Platter – $198

Who wouldn’t wish to be served small finger sandwiches from a grinning whale? Happiness has arrived!


Asplund Cookie Tray – $175

I suppose I do not want an excuse to have a multi-tier serving scenario, but I am ready to take this jump into teatime land. It’s so perfectly modern and, just, wow.


Retro Inspirational Quote Giclee Art Print by Rock The Custard Prints

I believe we’d all be a little calmer in this crazed world when we broke in the strain and had some tea. Cheers.


Half Pint Cream Container

I love a throwback to position at a regular school milk lineup. I also love disposable consumer goods turned into well-designed functioning items.


Isak Porcelain Lidded Cups – $38

I can not tell what is more ideal: the routine or the wood lid. Both actually. This really is a 100-percent and looker countertop approved.


Geometric Triangle Serving Platter from Asleep From Day – EUR 19

Gold? Geometric patterns? Drool.


Sorapot from Joey Roth – $200

Even in the event that you think blossoming tea is a little gimmicky, you can not deny the attractiveness of the demonstration.

Perpetual Kid

Tea-Rex Tea Towel – $9.99

Tea-Rex? Get it? Get it?!

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