Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Add Shade

Just as I am a fan of contemporary, minimalist design, I am also a sucker for things classic and adorned, especially older claw-foot bathtubs. I am not much of a bather, but there is something so charming and delightful about these retro fittings. I also love seeing fun colour used in unexpected ways, so that I have a tendency to squeal with glee whenever I spot a recently posted photo of a painted claw-foot bathtub on .

Whether you have a weathered and worn old tub that needs to be refinished, or you are buying new, consider including a splash of fun colour to your bathroom through a painted tub. Because it is a relatively small surface area, ” I say go as bold and bright with colour as you would like. I have gathered some excellent examples of painted bathtubs, along with suggestions on how to incorporate a vibrant tub into your own bathroom.

MBA, Amy Cuker, LEED AP

This fresh yellow-green hue is a favorite of mine and looks excellent on the tub in this mostly white bathroom. Consider picking up the bathtub shade elsewhere in the area, for example was performed with the wall covering here, or with other decorative elements.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Don’t have an old cast iron tub lying about to paint? No problem; you can get a new tub that is primed and ready to be painted whatever color your soul desires, such as this beauty from Aston Matthews at London.

Your local paint retailer can suggest the very best paint to use for your occupation. Consider if you would like a matte finish, which can be a good pick if the exterior of the bath has some rough or uneven places, or a glossy finish, which is easier to wash clean but will show water marks.

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When choosing a paint color for a bathtub, seem to other colours used in the area or pull a colour from artwork or decorative accessories. If you go for a vibrant yellow, such as the one here, add it in small quantities through the space and restrict the amount of additional extreme colours used, so the area has a well-edited, cohesive colour scheme.

Lifeseven Photography

I frequently advise homeowners to select a colour they love and then utilize several tints, shades and tones of it at a space, along with a few distinct neutral hues. This ends in a palette that has variety but doesn’t feel too active or garish.

Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography

This greenish-blue tub color really stands out from the yellow-orange wood floors. Blue and orange are opposites on the colour wheel, so that they set off each other with maximum contrast. Your eye is drawn to both the ground and the bathtub. The rest of the area, being light and white, gives the high-energy palette a soft and airy vibe.

Bathe al fresco at a bright yellow bathtub. What a cute addition to your private garden.

This is a favorite image on for a reason: It’s a bold bathroom that is also big on charm. Red is an extreme shade, and there’s quite a bit of it in this area, but there’s also lots of white to lighten up things. I think that the classic vibe of this wall covering and fittings also helps to keep the appearance lively.

Lisa Petrole Photography

Or dial down the vibrancy and proceed sophisticated and elegant with a monochromatic palette and a black painted tub as the headboard.

Palmerston Design Consultants

Don’t neglect the feet of your tub. These are painted silver, so they are set off well from the black body of this tub.

If bold or dark colours are simply not something, consider this subtler option. This bathroom has a vibrant palette, but all of the colours are muted, which I imagine makes it a relaxing and relaxing area in which to bathe.

Kelly Scanlon Interior Design

I think this flooring tile is absolutely gorgeous, and I like that the colour on the tub coordinates rather than competes with it. Whenever you have amazing, high quality materials in a space, you do not desire blasts of vibrant colour to have a strong design impact. I remain a fervent fan of bold colour but actually appreciate the soft and restrained palette in this bathroom.

Here’s another stunning soft blue and gray bathroom. It’s a classic elegance that I think would interest a high amount of people, and it will not seem dated for a long time, if ever.

Rikki Snyder

Have some fun painting your tub and consider other ways to customize it, such as adding decorative stickers or painted details. You could get creative with this, especially in kids’ or teens’ bathrooms.

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Or go for a decorative paint finish that imitates patinated metal or alternative materials. That is about as far from a cookie cutter, builder’s-grade bathroom as you can get, which bathtub is fantastic.

Inform us : Perhaps you have painted the exterior of an old or new tub? Please post a picture below and discuss information.

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