Indoor Gardens: Duplicate Nature Inside

Together with the frosty days of winter fast approaching, it’s time to deliver the grace and attractiveness of vegetation inside before it melts outside. Designate a room where your plants can get sufficient light and get creative; there are numerous ways to exhibit and enjoy a garden inside.

Plants aren’t just aesthetically pleasing and soothing, but they also refresh atmosphere for a healthier home. From mobile planters to vertical gardens, showing green living things could be fun and easy, giving new and better vibes to your house.


Want to take your garden with you around the house? This mobile planter is a flexible and fun way to bring living green into whichever room needs it all.

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Garden365 Mobile Garden – $224.99

This mobile planter, made by Garden365, comes in 3 distinct colours: latte (shown), graphite and terracotta. Made of recyclable double-walled polyethylene, this planter is durable and allows healthy root growth.

uttara and adwait

A designated space for a garden is a fantastic addition to any home. This miniature courtyard is quite rich, but easy at the exact same moment. A couple of trees stand alone using a few brief plants in the bottom. Antique woodwork surrounds it, creating an eclectic feel.

John Maniscalco Architecture

This beautiful block of lighting is the major design element of this house. Everything else was made around its own aesthetic. The few of plants inside this indoor garden allow an uninterrupted view to additional parts of the house.

Daniel Nolan for Flora Grubb Gardens

For a spin on traditional garden layout, go perpendicular. A green wall made with Woolly Pockets adds unexpected texture and lifestyle to a wall socket.

If you can just add a few plants, then create the maximum them. Elevate their attractiveness by putting them on the spotlight and organizing them in a vignette. Mix it up with plants of different heights and types and place an artwork behind to enhance them.

Silva Studios Architecture

Only two items, river stones and plants, serve as welcoming elements in this Asian-inspired house. A very simple garden can function as ambassador of your home’s decorating motif. In this house, the garden imitates the clean and compact style of the house.

LKM Design

For a lush vibe, opt for lacy fronds that fill the space. This entryway, flanked by an all-green symphony of plants, is wildly attractive.

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