'Pan Am' Inspires Flight Back into 1960s Style

Okay, I admit it. We have been seeing the new television show Pan Am. So what if the characters are not as developed and deeply flawed and the story isn’t is not as gripping as Mad Men? If for no other reason, I watch the series because the costumes and sets are wonderful. Let us face it, the 1960s were decade. Any era that was ushered in by Jackie and Camelot had to be!

So let us bring back some of that ’60s optimism, that can-do spirit and that openness to do what is hard. This time around, let us keep an eye on the future and eschew the “throw away” for a sustainable approach.

Gary Hutton Design

The early 1960s was the start of the Space Age and the Jet Set, and also the finest of our homes looked ready to take flight.

Modern Homes Realty

These homes were prepared to hurtle us into space so we can float over it all.

Klopf Architecture

With roofs which stars and aimed for the sky.

Klopf Architecture

These homes were designed to be simple and straightforward whilst appearing impermanent and movable.

Belzberg Architects

New manufacturing techniques continue to make more efficient and less-expensive glass so we can make whole walls of glass to get rid of the line between indoors and outside.


Let us create rooms which are sandwiches of distance between the two planes of flooring and roof.

Hammer Architects

Let us make rooms that are bright and light while cabinetry and furniture is envisioned as movable and impermanent.

Charles de Lisle’s Office

Let’s reintroduce walls which are like movable panels were finished by the richness of timber. And let us wash this panel with a skylight that simplifies a stair.

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Gary Hutton Design

Let us use powerful and simple geometric shapes to start a space up for the opinion.

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AIA, Mark English Architects

Let us use color that is daring and a circle to make a place to sit down and chat.

Kanner Architects – CLOSED

Let’s reintroduce the fun of Pop Art …

Halflants + Pichette

… along with the craft of Charles and Ray Eames.

AIA, Mark English Architects

Let us make our kitchens of a layout. No carvings no acanthus leaves. Just easy.

Tongue & Groove

Let us make a powder room.

Charles de Lisle’s Office

Let us make a vanity which we can fold up as a suitcase and take with us.

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